Monday, January 26, 2009

Whisper of Warning

Whisper of Warning by Laura Griffin ~~

When Courtney Glass finds herself at the heart of a brutal murder plot, she has two choices: run or trust the detective in charge to discover the truth. But when their attraction gets the better of them, has she found the perfect man, or enabled the perfect crime? (From back cover).

When Courtney agreed to meet her ex-boyfriend at the park to stop his harassing emails and text messages, she had no idea she would soon become part of a grisly murder, and a target herself. New homicide detective Will Hodges is assigned to the case, along with his partner Nathan ~ who has ties to both Courtney and her sister Fiona (Thread of Fear). Will knows that Courtney is lying to him about some things that happened in the park, but he also believes she is telling him the truth when she says she did not murder David. With growing pressure to arrest Courtney, Will pulls out all the stops to figure out what happened to David, while at the same time protecting Courtney from the real murderer, who thinks Courtney has some key information regarding the case. I was hooked from page one. It's not stop action from the get go. The development of the relationship between Courtney and Will was slow & natural. The attraction was immediate and obvious, yet refreshing to see them not jumping into bed as quickly as one would normally see. While this is the second book in the series featuring the Glass sisters, you can certainly read it as a stand alone. An intense, fast paced thriller you definitely don't want to miss.

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