Friday, January 2, 2009

Find Me

Find Me by Debra Webb ~~

Investigative reporter Sarah Newton debunks supernatural myths, and forces the truth to light whether people want to hear it or not. Now, with a popular teenager found tortured and murdered—and another girl missing—Sarah’s out to prove it’s not the work of an ancient curse, but a cold blooded killer. She’ll expose one Maine village’s darkest secrets …while keeping the truth about her own past hidden from view.

As Youngstown’s newest councilman, Kale Conner’s unofficial job is to minimize the bad publicity from Sarah’s stories and, if possible, to keep her in line. But with time running out, and his own family at stake, Kale’s finding his neighbors’ terrible deeds might be too deadly to sweep under the rug…and he and Sarah are headed toward a heated endgame with only one shocking way out...

Sarah Newton works for a "truth finding" magazine. She's sent from town to town helping the local police figure out what is going on with their cases. Most of the time disproving the "supernatural myths" that seem to go along with these cases ~ as well as leaving a trail of hatred in her wake. She has made quite a reputation for herself as a truth seeker. Now she's off to small town Maine to figure out who murdered one young girl and hopes to figure out the truth in time to find another that has gone missing, in time to save her life. Once again, no one in Youngstown is happy to see her pull into town. For they all know that by whatever "power" she uses, she always manages to find the truth - to uncover secrets much better off dead a buried. Along the way Sarah's secret is uncovered and finds herself fighting the attraction to her "babysitter" Kale. It's obvious there are many horrendous secrets in this town ~ but the biggest question is ~ if you're child of a killer does that mean with their DNA running through your blood you'll be a killer too??? An intense, fast paced read that will leave you breathless.

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This sounds good! :) Have you read her other books?