Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Evil Without A Face

Evil Without a Face by Jordan Dane ~~

Putting romance on the back burner and the business of catching bad guys first, hard-boiled Chicago bounty hunter Jessica Beckett pursues a personal vendetta against child abuser Lucas Baker. When Baker turns up dead and is linked to a multinational human trafficking organization, Globe Harvest, the cops tag Jess as a possible suspect, but she's already off on another chase, looking for a teen who may have been a Globe Harvest victim. The search takes Jess from Chicago to Alaska, puts her in personal peril that evokes flashbacks to her nightmarish youth and surrounds her with a dazzlingly imaginative supporting cast of characters. Dane pulls out all the stops en route to the dramatic, rose-tinted finale. (From Amazon)

From the coldness of Alaska to the starkness of a Russian apartment to the mean streets of Chicago this book is nothing but a heart pounding thriller! Bad ass bounty hunter Jess Beckett is hot on the trail of child abuser Lucas Baker. She doesn't get him - but she gets his beloved laptop. An action that will cost her dearly. Her new employee finds links to something called Global Harvest and puts keystroke tracker software on the computer. Before Jess can return the laptop, her home is trashed and Lucas is out for revenge. Meanwhile a young girl from Alaska can't take home life anymore and runs away ~ straight into the grasp of a global black market operation. When her famous uncle gets involved in her search he finds himself hooking up with Jess ~ of course in more ways than one. While hunting down the operators of Global Harvest Jess continues to flash back to her own horrific childhood abuse. Making her even more determined to bring this operation down. The scariest part is that things are not what they appear to be. And just who is the mysterious Alexa and what does she have to do with anything? What is really going on will rock you to your core! Ms. Dane not only develops the character of Jess beautifully and completely, flaws and all, she spends the same amount helping the reader get to know each of the other characters to the same degree as Jess. With the same amount of twists and turns as a roller coaster, this book will keep you guessing right up until the very end. A must read for anyone who loves the equal amount of romance and suspense in their books.


Becky LeJeune said...

I thought this was her best yet! I can't wait until book two comes out! I read the sampler chapter in the end (I usually avoid them because I don't want a taste of something I can't have for months) and now I want to know what happens!

Lori's Reading Corner said...

I only got to read about 16 pgs last night before my eyes closed on me. I can't wait to really get into it later!