Friday, January 23, 2009

Fatal February

Fatal February by Barbara Levenson ~~

For half Jewish, half Southern Baptist Miami criminal defense attorney Mary Magruder Katz, life starts to spin completely out of control when a minor fender bender turns out to be an unlikely shot from Cupid's bow.The other car's driver, isn't just a distracted driver; he's distracting, not to mention charming, handsome, and mysterious. Hardly before she knows what hit her, Mary breaks off her engagement, jumps into a sizzling new romance, gets fired from her former fiancé's highbrow law firm, starts her own practice, and lands her first client, Lillian Yarmouth.But Lillian isn't just any client; she's the prime suspect in what's become the Miami society murder of the year. While investigating Lillian's alleged crime of passion, Mary finds that this case, like all matters of the heart, is anything but black and white. And Mary has clearly stumbled onto something that has someone seeing red.February may be the shortest month of the year, but Mary's got some long days (and nights) ahead. This month could be a real killer.

Mary Katz's day can't get any worse, but it could get better :) First she's cut off by some idiot (albeit extremely hot guy) in line at the car wash, then the same idiot rear ends her as they're leaving. She then gets fired from her firm (sleeping with the hottie in her office when her fiancee walks in doesn't help) and ends her engagement. And the ultimate addition to her streak of bad luck ~ getting hit with a call to the Bar and the ethics committee a few days later for the little office rendezvous. On top of having to defend herself in front of the bar, she has to defend a new client against a murder charge. And don't forget to add in the hot new romance and the crazy stalker! Did the lilly white Lillian kill her husband? Will Mary get to the bottom of it? Will what she finds out, in the stunning twist of an ending, jade her forever? This was such a quick and fun read. Mary is a hoot as well as being a fantastic lawyer. "Watching" her at work in the courtroom was hysterical. If February was this bad I can't wait (and hope to find out) what March brings!

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Becky LeJeune said...

I just read this one the other day and thought it was really cute. A very light legal thriller that can be read in one sitting.