Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prime Time

Prime Time (Harlequin Next) by Hank Phillippi Ryan ~~

At 46, TV reporter Charlie McNally is getting old for the screen. When a man working for a large pharmaceutical company is killed in an auto accident and she’s sent to interview his wife, Charlie sees it as one more sign that her career is going downhill. Then she learns the man had e-mailed her about some papers — and that the company has a secret whistle-blower. As Charlie tries to get to the bottom of this juicy story, she meets professor Joshua Gelston, the first man who’s interested her in ages, but is he one of the good guys? (From Amazon)

Meet Charlie McNally ~ investigative reporter for a local TV station. At 46, Charlie is worried that she's getting too old for TV and worries her time at the station may be up. She knows she's got to come up with an Emmy winning story for November sweeps to keep the job she loves. Charlie and her producer Franklin stumble on a story while interviewing the wife of a man killed in a car accident. The deeper that Charlie digs in the story, the more dangerous it becomes for everyone involved. And in the middle of all this chaos, Charlie just happens to fall in love. But the bigger question is ~ can she trust this man? Is he part of the story or just an innocent bystander? I loved Charlie ~ she is fun, down to earth and knows exactly what she wants. The characters are well developed and the story is fast paced. The plot is one of the most original I've ever seen and it grabs your attention from page one. Ms. Ryan has been an investigative reporter for our local TV station for many years. Her deep knowledge of the industry makes this one of the most true to life books I've ever read. And I enjoyed every second of it. I had the pleasure of meeting Hank at a book signing and she is just as down to earth in person as Charlie is in the book :) My only *problem* with the book is that I let it sit for too darn long on my TBR pile before reading it. I can promise that I'll be reading the next one very shortly!


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...
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Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Hey Lori:

How wonderful to see PRIME TIME here!

And here's the scoop.

PRIME TIME, as you know, won the AGATHA award for best first novel. It's a best seller, and a double RITA nominee. And as a result, lots of changes in the works.

First, it's going to be reissued, in an all new edition, by the fantastic MIRA books. (Do you have the original edition? Hmm. That could be a collector's item. There are only a few left!) Watch for the all new PRIME TIME this July.

Next, FACE TIME, the second Charlote McNally novel, will be out from MIRA this August. And the brand new AIR TIME this September!

And because I'm so thrilled to be spotlighted on your blog--anyone who emails me and mentions it--will get a half-off coupon for the new PRIME TIME! Just go to my website

and mention this blog!

And Lori--I'm so happy to be here!

Becky LeJeune said...

I have heard great things about these books and need to check them out myself.

Lori's Reading Corner said...

That is SO generous of you Hank ~ thank you~

Not only do I have the original version of Prime Time, but it's autographed as well :) (When we saw you at the B&N in NH.) I also have an autographed copy of Face Time too!!!

I loved Prime Time. I'm just sorry it took me so long to get to it. I promise it won't take me that long to read the next one :)