Saturday, January 24, 2009

Killer in High Heels

Killer in High Heels by Gemma Halliday ~~

Drag queens meet the high-fashion mob in this fun, fast-paced follow-up to Halliday's delectable Spying in High Heels. A kids' shoe designer whose best creations end up in Payless, Maddie Springer is a down-to-earth blonde whose tough luck with men has her forbidding friends and family to mention her last boyfriend, LAPD detective Jack Ramirez. Her mom had similar luck with Maddie's father, Larry, who ran off to Vegas with a showgirl named Lola when Maddie was three. But when Maddie receives a cryptic plea from Larry on her answering machine—punctuated by a gunshot—she decides to investigate, trekking to Sin City with her voluptuous, well-armed best friend Dana and their gay cohort, Marco. There, they soon discover that Larry and Lola are one and the same, that an innocuous nightclub fronts an ingenious counterfeit shoe scheme and that—naturally—there's a murderer on the loose. This amusing whodunit scores big with inimitable characters like psychic Mrs. Rosenblatt, Maddie's tell-all mom and bad-boy Ramirez, who shows up with some surprises in tow. Maddie's winning return, with her bold comical voice and knack for thinking fast on her strappy slingbacks, will elicit cheers from fans of the growing chick mystery field. (From Amazon).

When Maggie gets a mysterious message on her voice mail followed by a gun shot from her long lost father, she is determined to find out what happened. Going to her mother is not an option as she still hasn't forgiven Larry for deserting them. Maggie does the 'unthinkable' and contacts Jack Ramirez ~ detective and former boyfriend. When all Jack can say to her is STAY AWAY, Maggie packs up herself, her BFF Dana and their uber gay co-hort Marco and head off to Sin City. The last place they can track Larry too. What follows is nothing short of hilarious. After saying she'll never speak to her again, Maggie's mom and her psychic friend show up to lend a hand - and bunk down in the same hotel room as the rest of them!! And since it's Maggie that is involved things go from bad to worse pretty quickly! And exactly why does Jack want Maggie to stay out of Vegas??? Is he hiding something from her or trying to protect her? This was just as great as the first one. And the addition of Maggie's father and his Vegas cronies was a welcome addition to this series. From the cross dressing father to the nosey reporter to the arrest for murder, readers will laugh aloud at the antics of Maggie and her group.


Wendy said...

I love, love, love this series! Hope you enjoy it :0 I'm currently waiting for the new one!

Lori's Reading Corner said...

I loved book one. Not sure why it took me so long to get to this one ;)