Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trick My Truck But Don't Mess With My Heart

Following her father's heart attack, Candie Montgomery takes leave from her advertising job in Chicago and returns to Pinewood, Ky., to help her twin sister, Sarah, run the family's used-car business. The townsfolk blame Candie for the recent breakup of her sister's engagement to longtime love, Nick, so Sarah suggests Candie find a boyfriend to take the heat off; the gorgeous and amiable Tommy Tucker, the new rec director at a local park, offers before she can even ask. The two soon discover an ease with one another along with a great attraction. Candie's idea to revamp the business brings Nick back into their lives, and a clever plan to reunite him with Sarah ensures. There's a fair amount of corn to this romance, but there's also an infectious quality to the writing, and some great humor. (From Amazon)

Candie returns home to help her twin sister out with family business. When she arrives, she finds herself being shunned by everyone in town. Turns out everyone thinks she is the reason that her sister and her fiancee Nick broke up (that he's in love with Candie). While they weren't having an affair, could there be a hint of truth in what people are saying??? In order to kill the rumors, Candie decides she needs a "fake" boyfriend. And before she can even ask him, Tommy Tucker - resident hottie, offers to do just that. But will the romance turn real? Is there anything between Candie and Nick aside from being good friends from years? Will Candie and Sarah figure out a way to save Daddy's business? I loved this book. It was quick and fun and lighthearted. The blossoming romance between Candie and Tommy is sweet, romantic and HOT! I found myself smiling and laughing throughout the book. I'm only sorry it took me a year to finally read it!


Lynne D. said...

Lori, you finally read it. Did you like it? You know, Mel and I love this book. I hope you did too.

Lori's Reading Corner said...

I'm going to start it today. Figured it was about time I got to it :)

Hagelrat said...

Sounds cute. A nice curl up with a book and a glass of wine kind of book.