Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Wedding To Die For

With big dreams, a big heart and a really big bank account, spunky Texas heiress Abby Rose thinks she's finally found her true calling as an adoption PI in Houston. But when marriage meets murder at the altar, her next case proves to be anything but a dream come true.

As a private investigator, Abby is so green she could hide in a cabbage patch - but she's got enough gumption to take a job from a bride-to-be who wants to find her birth mother before walking down the aisle. Unfortunately, Abby's search comes up short, leaving the bride brokenhearted and Abby wondering if she's in the right line of work. Then the wedding reception ends early when the bride's adoptive father dies after getting knocked on the noggin by a crystal vase. Eager to make things right for the bride and her oddball clan - and prove herself a proper PI - Abby decides to hunt for the mystery mother while trying to catch a matrimonial murderer (from the back cover).

Abby is starting her new career as an adoption PI. While she might not have all that much experience yet, she has a heart of gold and the first hand knowledge of wanting to know where she came from. Megan, a young bride to be, hires Abby to find her birth mother. Abby feels like a failure when she can't locate the woman in time for the wedding. And when the brides father is killed at the reception, she knows that she must be the one to help find the killer. The cast of characters is hysterical ~ from Megan's cousins to Sister Nell to the Jamaican cab driver Abby befriends when she goes there to check out a lead. The writing is fresh and the characters believable. I would love to be Abby's friend! I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Keep them coming Leann.

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Leann Sweeney said...

Thanks, Lori! So exciting to see my book here. This book went into its third printing in the fall and I am so blown away by the success of the series. Abby is near and dear to my heart!