Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting Old is a Disaster

Getting Old is a Disaster by Rita Lakin ~~

When a hurricane strikes Fort Lauderdale, it wreaks havoc on the Lanai Gardens apartment complex and launches self-appointed PI Gladdy Gold's fifth mystery (after 2007's Getting Old Is to Die For). Discovered beneath the debris of a building, a long-buried skeleton yields few clues beyond that the victim was murdered, but that doesn't stop Gladdy and her delightful coterie of elderly crime busters from investigating. They're also trying to nab the bank-robbing Grandpa Bandit and comforting a neighbor, concentration camp survivor Enya, who suffers repeated nightmares. Gladdy's intermittent romance with retired cop Jack Langford veers close to consummation, but she never lets that distract her from the case. Lakin skillfully combines human comedy and a touch of Jewish humor with suspense while unveiling startling connections and plenty of twists.

Just back from New York, and in the middle of a hurricane, Gladdy and friends find themselves in the middle of two mysteries. The first is the mysterious letter that appears in the mail taunting them to catch the bank robbing Grandpa Bandit. The second being the discovery of a skeleton in the rubble of Jack's coll aped building. Gladdy & girls work to solve both cases with their usual laugh out loud antics, proving that no matter what you're trying to do, age doesn't matter. And despite more than one interruption - Jack and Gladdy FINALLY consummate their relationship. Is there something more permanent in their future ??? This is absolutely one of my favorite series. I love reading about Gladdy and what her friends are up to. Having grandparents who lived in a complex identical to this one, I can vividly picture everything the author is relating as if I were right there with them. This series brings me right back to my childhood and my visits with grandma & grandpa.


Kaye said...

Rita Lakin is a riot! I really like her books, probably because I am old, like mysteries and live in FL. I can definitely relate. Good review.

bookoholic said...

That looks like a book I would like. I'd never heard of the series before, so thanks for the heads-up!!

Becky LeJeune said...

Lori, I got a meme and am nominating you for a butterfly.