Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crush by Alan Jacobson

Crush by Alan Jacobson

Fresh off the most challenging case of her career, The 7th Victim heroine and renowned FBI profiler Karen Vail finds herself ordered to take some time off after a controversial shooting incident. In no position to argue, she travels with her new beau, Detective Robby Hernandez, to the Napa Valley for a week of wine-tasting and sightseeing.

But shortly after arriving, a victim is discovered at a high-end winery, in the deepest reaches of their exclusive wine cave. The murder has all the telltale signs of a serial killer, virtually unheard of in wine country. Vail offers her skills in evaluating the crime, but the local police, led by Detective Redmond Brix, are resistant to her involvement. Their thinking soon changes, however, when a second, brutally murdered victim is unearthed.

When Vail is named to the Napa County Major Crimes Task Force, she soon learns she got more than she bargained for.

As Vail and her task force colleague, Roxxann Dixon, peel back the investigative onion, clues lead them to a decades-long history of feuding wine families, secretive organizations, and underhanded deals that may hold answers to what they are seeking. (From Amazon)

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Release date: Sept 22nd

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Becky W. said...

This sounds really good! Another to the top of the wish list!! And it comes out on my birthday! I look forward to your review!