Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stop Me

Stop Me (Last Stand, Book 2) by Brenda Novak (from Amazon) ~~

Who was the real killer?

Romain Fornier lost his reason for living when his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. He used a cop's gun to mete out his own justice and spent the next few years in prison. Once he was freed, he returned to his Cajun roots in small-town Louisiana. But now he learns that he might have killed the wrong man.
Jasmine Stratford, a psychological profiler, is convinced his daughter's killer is still alive—and that she and Romain have something in common. She believes the same man kidnapped her sister, Kimberly, sixteen years ago.

What happens next?
Jasmine is determined to track him down when she receives an anonymous package, postmarked New Orleans—the bracelet she gave Kimberly for her eighth birthday. She approaches Romain because she knows he can help her… if he chooses.
But searching for the man who irrevocably changed both their lives means they have to rise to a killer's challenge:

stop me.

Book two in the last stand trilogy focuses on Jasmine, a woman who is determined to find the sister that was kidnapped 16 years earlier. After receiving the bracelet her sister was wearing when she disappeared in the mail, Jaz heads to New Orleans, where the package was post marked from. She finds similar traits in the kidnapping and murder of Romains daughter Adele. After her murderer is let go, Romain takes matters into his own hands and kills the guy on the courthouse steps - or does he? Jaz and Romain team up to figure out what happened to the ones the loved. They find themselves in the middle of something bigger than either of them could have imagined. Did the wrong man die for Adele's murder? Is Jaz's sister Kimberly dead or alive? While Jaz and Romain work together to solve these mysteries - if they should happen to fall in love along the way - well, that's not so bad is it?


Becky LeJeune said...

I still have the first one in my TBR stack! They just keep piling up. I haven't bought this one yet, though. I did manage to show some restraint this time.

Tracey said...

I'm reading this now and loved the first one.