Sunday, July 13, 2008

Death in the Cards

Paradise, Ohio, laundromat owner Josie Toadfern is content with her life. She loves owning her own business (especially because she learns everyone in town's dirty little secrets from their dirty little clothes); she has plenty of friends, she has a beloved cousin she dotes on; and her blossoming romance with a professor named Owen Logan is about to hit full bloom. She's even earning some extra money by renting out the second apartment over her laundromat to a nice young couple who own a New Age bookshop and Tarot Card reading room in town.
But when a psychic who is in town for the upcoming Paradise Psychic Fair stops Josie on the street and warns her of impending danger and sorrow in the small town, Josie worries she may just be right. For Josie's nice young boarders and their New Age friends who are attending the Psychic Fair have the more conservative Paradisites pitted against them, and an economic downturn has hit local businesses. But when Josie and Owen stumble upon a body one dark night, it seems that matters are much more grave than anyone expected. And what's worse, another gruesome murder may be in the cards... (from B&N)

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