Saturday, July 26, 2008

Murder on Lenox Hill

Midwife Sarah Brandt, a member of a socially prominent family in turn-of-the-century New York, chooses to work in the tenements. Her new patient is the retarded 17-year-old daughter of the Lintons, an affluent Lenox Hill family. The young woman is never alone, and she denies that any man has ever hurt her, but she is pregnant. As Sarah and her friend, Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy, investigate, they uncover a scandal that casts suspicion on members of the Lintons' church, including the minister, Reverend Upchurch. When Upchurch drops dead during a service, the victim of cyanide-laced communion wine, Sarah and Frank must find the murderer before the scandal hurts more innocent people. This is the seventh installment in Thompson's atmosphere-drenched historical series. The developing relationship between Sarah and Frank, who both must overcome parental objections, adds a new dimension to the series. (From Amazon)

Sarah Brandt is a midwife to the poor. So imagine her surprise when she gets called to the home of the Linton's in the affluent section of Lenox Hill. She can't image what it is they want to see her for. Soon enough she finds out that their impaired daughter is pregnant - and they have no clue how it could happen. She is never out of their sight. With their permission, Sarah contacts Frank and together they try and find out how this young girl became in the family way. Little did they know the horrible truth they would come to find out about a beloved minister. What turns into a case of rape quickly becomes a quest to find a murderer. Once again the tension exists between Sarah & Frank. Frank's mother still can't stand Sarah. He also continues on in search of Sarah's husbands killer. Brian has entered a school for the deaf and is learning sign language. And Sarah has "adopted" Aggie from the mission as well as hired Maeve as her nanny. I love this series. I enjoy watching the characters grow as the story progresses and hope one day Sarah and Frank can find their way to one another :)

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