Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting Old is Criminal

Gladdy Gold had reached a golden moment. There she was, soaking in a hot tub with a man she adored, far from Fort Lauderdale and her nosy neighbors…until an urgent message sent her running home. Now her exotic vacation is a memory, Gladdy’s would-be beau, Jack, is furious, and not only are the girls of the Gladdy Gold Detective Agency all alive and well—they’re onto a hot new murder case.Is a retirement-home Romeo to blame for the mysterious deaths in Florida’s most luxurious communities? Gladdy and her curious kibitzers will have to go undercover to find out—covering themselves with as many fancy-schmancy airs as possible. But with Gladdy’s drama queen sister Evvie playing the role of a Palm Beach flirt, their fun and games turn deadly. For by the time the girls ID their perp, Evvie is in the arms of a killer—and loving it.…

Gladdy and her friends are back - hot on the trail of another killer. While trying to share a romantic rendezous with her boyfriend Jack, Gladdy is called home, thinking one of her friends is seriously ill. Only to find them all alive and well and stuck in the middle of another murder case. Jack is not happy with Gladdy's decision to choose her friends over him and decides they need a break. Gladdy and Evvie go under cover at a retirement home to smoke out the killer - only to find Evvie falling in love with him. I love this series. The characters are hysterical and remind me SO much of the time I spend in south Florida with my grandparents. All the alta kockers hanging out by the pool kibbitzing to their hearts content. I can picture it all so vividly in my head it's like I'm right there with them :) This is probably my favorite so far :)


Library Cat said...

I thought this series of books was quite funny - I have know little old ladies just like these!

Yvonne said...

I have this series in my TBR and it looks like so much fun!

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