Friday, July 4, 2008

Don't Turn Around

Don't Turn Around by Hunter Morgan ~~


Casey McDaniels knows the unbearable consequences of domestic violence-and the darkness that can swallow a life. An advocate for victim's rights, Casey is giving key testimony in the arraignment of the man who savagely murdered her best friend. But to her horror, he's set free.


He's hiding in plain sight, following a plan that has worked before, performing each move with exact precision, waiting for the perfect moment to strike again-and this time, the victim will be Casey McDaniels.


At first, Casey suspects her friend's killer is following her. She's receiving threats over the phone and bizarre messages in the mail-strange, childlike drawings of human eyes. But then Casey starts to have doubts. Could someone else be stalking her? As Casey enters a deadly cat-and-mouse game, she soon comes face-to-face with her stalker-and her worst nightmare. (from B&N)

Casey is a former victim and now a victim's advocate. When a woman comes into her hospital beaten up by her boyfriend, Casey does all she can to get the woman to report him to the police - but she won't. Instead she gets a phone call from the woman in the middle of the night saying he's at her home and trying to break in. By the time Casey gets there, her friend is dead. Now Casey has the feeling she's being stalked. Is it Charlie, the man who beat her friend to death? Is it someone else much closer to her? Several men are interested in dating Casey and the author does a great job of dropping just enough clues to make you think each of them could be the one. A fast past tale of stalking and murder and in the end - true love.

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