Sunday, July 20, 2008

Death for Dessert

Death for Dessert by T. Dawn Richard ~~

Here's a wry, witty, cozy mystery in the tradition of Carolyn Hart's "Henrie O." mysteries, featuring a feisty senior sleuth who finds blackmail and a mysterious death at the senior-citizen complex she just moved into. In an effort to clear her name, May teams up with a goup of flimflammed, wildly wicked seniors to solve the murder and recover their dignity and their money. Death for Dessert will have cozy readers cheering for this new mystery heroine and riveted to the very last page.

What would possess May List, a woman who has left her husban of 35 years, to not report the murder of her neighbor for 3 days??? After living the good life with her surgeon husband, May finds herself living in a senior's development. Each of her neighbors is just wacky enough for May to ask herself what she's doing there and has her trying to figure out how soon she can leave. Her next door neighbor is a bit of a recluse whom everyone is afraid of, yet know one will say way. But, May is determined to find out what the "deal" is. One day May stumbles across the body of her dead neighbor. What does she do? Tell the police?? Heck no - she and the friends she has made hide the body for 3 days while they try to solve the murder themselves!! A quirky book of murder, mayhem and blackmail. I'll definitely be checking in to see what else May and her new friends get in to!

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