Monday, July 7, 2008

Night Kills

Night Kills by John Lutz (ARC)

On The Trail Of A Bloody Killer.

Frank Quinn is sure he is hunting for a madman: someone who is shooting young women in the heart, defiling their bodies, leaving only the torsos to be found. Quinn, a former NYPD detective, is called into the case by an ambitious chief of police and mobilizes his team of brilliant law-enforcement misfits. But in the concrete canyons of New York, this shocking serial murder case is turning into something very different.

A Cop And A Victim Fight Back...

Jill Clark came to the city with too many hopes and too little cash. Now a seemingly deranged woman is telling her an extraordinary story. New to an exclusive dating service, Jill is warned that other women have died on their dates-and that she could be next. Struggling against a death trap closing in around her, Jill has a powerful ally in Frank Quinn. But no one knows the true motives behind a rampage of cold-blooded murder-or how much more terrifying this is going to get. (from B&N)

Retired detective Frank Quinn and his team are called back to the NYPD as special consultants in the Torso Murders (the second book featuring these characters). A series of sick murders that end up with only the torso's of the victims being found. Not only are they mutilated, but they are also defiled. Without being able to identify the victims, it's nearly impossible for them to find a connection between the victims - until the next potential victim is approached by the only person to have escaped with her life. And in turns contacts Quinn and his team in an effort to save her own life. An extremely clever reasoning behind the murders helps the reader turn each page faster just to find out what will happen next. A chilling, thrilling story that will make you think twice about signing up for online dating services. A+

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