Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Susie Hobson ~ Guest Post/Virtual Tour

Thank you, Lori’s Reading Corner, for this guest post. I appreciate your time and interest in my book.

My book, Loving G-d with All Your Heart, got its start about eight years ago. I was reading my Bible in the early morning hours, as is my habit, and I read the Greatest Commandment in one of the Gospels as I had many times before. Yet this time, as soon as I finished reading it I heard a still, small voice ask me, “Do you love ME like that?” At first I said, “Of course I do!” But then I started honesty thinking it over and had to say, “No Lord, but I’m willing to if You will show me how.” That was the start of a deeper and deeper relationship with G-d where I saw Him being more present, active, and powerful in my life than ever before. And that relationship continues to grow with each passing day.

My book is not the story of my journey. Loving G-d with All Your Heart is about having a real, action-filled, and powerful relationship with G-d that overflows into great relationships with others. This book re-thinks what it takes to keep the Greatest Commandment and asks you personally to consider changing your everyday life to one more filled with love. G-d is love and when we love Him without limit that leads to the fulfillment of our heart’s desire—a relationship with the living G-d. A true two-way relationship—not church talk—a relationship that can transform your whole life!

I worked as a counselor for sixteen years and during that time I kept hearing the same statement over and over again. It was, “I want more!” It’s like people were crying out, “I know there is more to life than this, there has got to be more!” There is a desire in us all for something that people, places, possessions, fame, and fortune cannot fill. What is that elusive need, that heart’s desire we all seem to crave? I am convinced that it is a real relationship with G-d—a powerful relationship!

This book is about spending time with G-d, about taking the time to get to know Him deeply and intimately. It may surprise you to know that G-d wants this too! G-d is ready, willing, and waiting to share with you, personally, how to find that more that you have been searching for. What are you waiting for? What could possibly hold you back from running to receive this? What G-d has planned for you and me makes everything dim in comparison!

I hope you will read my book and it will draw you closer to G-d, closer to His Word, His Will, and His Way for your life. May G-d bless you, indeed!

About the author

Susie Hobson has a B.A. in Special Education, M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Alabama, and carried a deaf / hearing-impaired and blind / vision-impaired caseload for 16 years. She retired for more time with family and to write as G-d has called her. She and her husband Rich have two daughters, Whitney and Amelia, live in Montgomery, and attend Lakeview Baptist Church.

Loving God with All Your Heart: Keeping the Greatest Commandment in Everyday Life 

Are you seeking more in your relationship with G-d?

Are you satisfied with your daily life? Do you run more on empty than full? Do you always feel like there is more out there for you? This book will take you deeper into your heart's desire for a real relationship with G-d, a powerful relationship that will transform your whole life! Susie Hobson reminds us that the love we all long for begins and ends with a life that is surrendered to Jesus. From her real experience she offers practical application of communing with G-d through His Word to inspire and encourage a closer walk, resulting in empowerment for faithful living. Susie gives a clear path to the fulfillment of the greatest desire of man's heart—G-d's unfailing love as the foundation for wisdom and serving G-d in our homes and community. This book should fill a real need among families who long for a Biblical order in the home. Susie's testimony is absorbing.

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