Friday, September 3, 2010

Guest Post ~ Robin Spano

We’re here with Clare Vengel, the 22-year-old heroine of Dead Politician Society. She is ecstatic to be diving into her first undercover job: to pose as a university student and penetrate the clandestine society that claims to have poisoned the mayor.

Robin Spano: Congratulations on your new job. You must be excited.

Clare Vengel: I am SO excited. Finally I can use my mind to solve a problem. Even if the case is solved in a day, it will be a day off from those stupid break-and-enter calls.

Robin: Yeah? What don’t you like about break-and-enter?

Clare: The victims. They act all . . . victimy. Like, Oh my god, I lost some material objects. I understand they’re scared; their home has just been violated. But I want to tell them to get a grip; their life is pretty good compared to most.

Robin: Why do you think undercover work will be different?

Clare: For starters, it matters more. There’s a murderer on the loose, and it’s my job to figure out who that is. And the job is way more creative. There’s no rule book for how to handle all the situations I’ll come up against as an undercover. I think it will be more dangerous than writing down some details in a report and making a half-assed attempt to find a burglar, but it will challenge me, and I think I’ll be able to rise to the occasion.

Robin: You don’t know much about politics or university, yet you’re going undercover as a poli sci major. Does that worry you?

Clare: A bit. Yeah. But what can I do? I’ll stay up all night learning, and give this job the best I have. It’s worth it.

Robin: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Clare: In my perfect world? Working undercover. But not boring jobs that repeat themselves, like strip clubs and mob girlfriends. I want to do new things in interesting places.

Robin: What would be your dream assignment?

Clare: Something that’s fun and challenging at the same time. If I could go undercover as a wild water tour guide, or a croupier in Vegas, I’d think that was pretty exciting. Or Europe—ha ha, maybe one day I’ll get a job with Interpol.

Robin: You seem to have a hard time committing to one man. Is there a reason?

Clare: I guess if you wanted to get into the psychobabble, I’m probably not over my ex, Lance. We were friends since we were little, and he cheated on me with half of Orillia, my hometown.

Robin: So it’s hard for you to trust someone?

Clare: I guess. I also just think, until I fall in love again, why commit to some random guy for the sake of it? I might as well have some fun, enjoy different people for the different things we have in common.

Robin: Would you like to fall in love?

Clare: Of course.

Robin: Are you an optimist or a pessimist, generally?

Clare: An optimist. But don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation as a sarcastic tough chick to maintain.

Robin: Why the police force? You love to work as a mechanic, to help your friend Roberta in her shop. Wouldn’t mechanics have been a better fit, career-wise?

Clare: I love to groove with cars and bikes as a hobby, but they won’t take me around the world and inside places I’ve never been. And being a cop has a higher purpose: I can fight justice and feel good about myself.

Robin: Like a superhero?

Clare: Like a human being with a contribution to make. Can you hand me a beer?

Robin: Sure. I’ll have one with you. I’m looking forward to following your adventures.

Clare: Yeah. I don’t want to say I hope more people die in fun places. But you know…

About the author ~

Robin grew up in downtown Toronto. She loves books, poker, politics, and exploring on the water. She also loves her motorcycle, a 1987 Virago she bought with waitressing tips when she was 21.

Her historical role model is Winston Churchill, more for his independent thinking than his drinking. Her secret dream was to be one of Charlie's Angels, but since real life danger terrifies her, she writes about it instead.

She is married to a man who hates reading and encourages her endlessly. They live in a suburban fishing village just outside of Vancouver.

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Dead Politician Society: A Clare Vengel Undercover Novel 

When the mayor keels over dead in the middle of a speech, a clandestine student society immediately takes credit for his demise. Their mission is to create a perfect political system by any means at their disposal. Clare Vengel, a rookie officer fresh from the police academy and beyond bored with her routine as a beat cop, volunteers to go undercover as a student to infiltrate the secretive organization. A streetwise amateur mechanic, Clare takes a dim view of book smarts—she is of the opinion that higher education is for people who can't handle the real world. In short order, she alienates a popular professor and begins to lose the respect of her police superiors. Soon, another politician is killed, and Clare steps up her clandestine involvement with the suspect students. When two more politicians die, the race begins to apprehend the culprits before her own duplicity can be revealed. 



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