Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Literary Life, Penguin Radio Show

Literary Inspiration

In this episode of The Literary Life, from Penguin, we're going to explore what's at the heart of all good writing and reading: inspiration. Where it comes from, the different ways writers find it in themselves, and how editors help turn that inspiration into books that we wan to read and cherish.

We'll hear from Sigrid Nunez, whose provocative new novel, Salvation City, explores what happens when the world as we know it falls apart. Joe Pernice, critically-acclaimed musician and author of the funny and touching novel It Feels So Good When I Stop, tells us how songwriting and prose use inspiration in very different ways. We'll also speak to the editor of the international bestseller The Help about discovering and working with Kathryn Stockett, the author of one of the most successful debut novels of the decade.

Lastly, journalist and author Virginia Ironside, author of the upcoming book You're Old, I'm Old…Get Over It! joins us to rant about writers using the present tense in our latest installation of The Writer's Rant.

Books featured in this episode ~ 

Salvation CityIt Feels So Good When I StopThe HelpYou're Old, I'm Old . . . Get Used to It!: Twenty Reasons Why Growing Old Is Great 

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