Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weeding Out Trouble

Landscaper Nina Quinn would do anything for her employees. After all, Taken by Surprise, her garden makeover business, wouldn't be blooming if it weren't for them. So when Kit Pipe, her right-hand handyman, goes missing, Nina immediately starts digging into his disappearance. But all she finds is Daisy Bedinghaus, Kit's ex—and she's dead as dirt.

An ex-con who'd been dumped by Daisy not long before her murder, Kit's the prime suspect. But Nina's determined to prove his innocence and nip this whole thing in the bud. After all, it'll get her out of her all-too-crowded house, where her ex-husband the cop is recovering from a gunshot wound on her couch and her thorny new stepson is giving her the evil eye. But as she comes closer to unearthing the truth, Nina will find that facing the frost in her home is nothing compared to confronting the real killer's ice-cold stare.

Will it ever be possible for Nina to mind her own business? Definitely not this time when it affects her friend Kit. When Kit's girlfriend Daisy is murdered, Kit goes missing. Everyone is convinced that Kit is guilty of the murder. Everyone except Nina and her band of merry friends. While constantly being warned to stay out of it, Nina refuses to let it go. Their mutual dislike for each other doesn't stop Nina and "Brickhouse" from working closely together on this one. Her friend and hairdresses Perry also lends hand to some hysterical scenes. Don't forget the flying turkeys and the rooster! Everything is not as it seems with some of those surrounding Nina, and she'll quickly find out just what they're really up to. Also, Nina comes to realize some things about her relationships with both Kevin and Bobby that helps all of them move on in a very satisfying way.

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