Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mayhem in Miniature

Gerry's crafts are small-scale, but her to-do list is anything but. Add murder to that—with one of her students as a suspect—and you have one hectic holiday. Time to shrink this mystery down to size.

While waiting to pick up her granddaughter Maddie at the airport, Gerry gets a call from Dolores, an acquaintance of hers. Seems as if Dolores's grandmother has gone missing from the assisted living home where Gerry teaches crafts. And since Sofia is one of Gerry's students, Dolores feels she has no one else to turn to for help - especially since the police, at first, won't do anything about it. But when Sofia is found, covered in blood no one is sure what is going on. Especailly when the home's gardner turns up dead at another facility. What possible connection could Sofia have to this man and why would she want him dead? Of course Gerry can't help but get involved. And a few slashed tired and a stalker won't stop her. Enlisting the help of her detective nephew, her sister in law and her friend Linda (who happens to work at the home) to help uncover the secrets that Dolores seems to be hiding, she is determined to figure out who the killer is. The book is filled with tips and tricks for creating your own miniature pieces. My one problem with this book was that Gerry only had her granddaughter visiting her for a short time over the holidays, yet seemed to keep "pawning" her off on others while she went about her sleuthing. Othewise, an enjoyable second book in the series.

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