Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Murder and Salutations

Jennifer Shane is stunned when she's named Businessperson of the Year, but she's even more shocked when, at the presentation ceremony, Chamber of Commerce President Eliza Glade, over-dressed, over-made-up, and over-the-top, is killed. Jen and her sister Sara Lynn were among her worst enemies, so they'll have to bend over backwards to clear their names. And an easy resolution is not in the cards.

After leaving her sisters scrapbooking store to go out on her own, Jennifer's card shoppe is finally holding it's own. She's even named Businessperson of the Year. However, she does not get to enjoy the honor, as just as she's announced the winner, the body of Eliza Glade is found dead in the kitchen. There weren't that many people in town that liked Eliza - and Jennifer's sister was one of them. Especailly after Eliza slept with Sara Lynn's husband. Of course Sara Lynn is now the prime suspect in the murder and Jennifer, with the help of her Aunt Lillian, must stop at nothing to find the killer and prove her sisters innocence. Although the mystery wasn't all that hard to figure out, the fun was in watching them get there. Despite a fairly big time line error, this was a very enjoyable read.

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