Friday, August 8, 2008

Shoots To Kill

Eight years ago, Abby Knight babysat for a problem teen named Elizabeth. Today, Elizabeth’s back, with a new name (Libby) and a whole new life (stolen)—namely, one that already belongs to Abby. Libby’s even trying to steal Abby’s boyfriend, Marco. But imitation really becomes the sincerest form of trouble when Abby finds herself the accused dupe in a bizarre murder plot.

What could possibly have Abby Knight in handcuffs in the back seat of a police car on her way to jail?? Why a case of mistaken identity of course! When Elizabeth Blume comes back to town she suddenly appears to take over Abby's life - buys the same car, cuts and colors her hair the same, changes Elizabeth to Libby and even opens up her own store that looks exactly like Bloomers. Oh wait - she even goes after Marco. At first no one believes Abby as to what Libby is up to and it causes her to lose something she has longed for. But when a murder occurs Abby will do whatever it takes to get others to see what Libby is really up to, at the same time trying to figure out who is responsible. No matter how much Abby tries to prove it was Libby who committed the murder there just isn't enough evidence. The story is filled with plenty of action and fun plot twists. Even though she's convinced Libby is the murderer can she prove it? Can she recover what was lost? Kate Collins writes a funny, charming character in Abby Knight - and continues to get better with each book.

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pinkcypress said...

how funny that you're reading this series right now - I just grabbed the first one off my shelf :)