Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Bad Apple

Meg Corey has come to the quaint New England town of Granford, Massachusetts, to sell her mother’s old colonial home and apple orchard. Instead, she becomes embroiled in development plans that include her land—and her former flame from Boston. When he’s found dead in the new septic tank on her property, the police immediately suspect Meg, whose only ally in town is the plumber Seth Chapin. Together, they’ll have to peel back the layers of secrecy that surround the deal in order to find the real murderer— and save the orchard.

After Meg Corey breaks up with her boyfriend, and her job is downsized, she takes her mothers advice and leaves Boston. She heads out to western Mass to restore the old family home in hopes of selling it quickly. Unfortunately Meg has no clue what she's getting her self into. Both with small town living and the disaster that is her home. When her old flame shows up in hopes of getting Meg to help him win over the small town with his plans of expansion, she refuses to be used. And then he ends up dead in her brand new septic tank. For some reason Meg ends up the prime suspect :) Now Meg and Seth (her new plumber friend) must figure out who wanted Chandler dead and why they're trying to pin it on her. Small town charm comes to life in this new series as Meg starts to think that small town living just might work for her. There is a depth to the major characters that isn't normally found in some other cozies, or at least in the first in the series. She gives us a fresh "location" and deals with relevant issues of small town life - all while throwing a few twists and turns at you along the way. A light, enjoyable read. I'll be looking foward to reading the next in the series.

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