Sunday, August 10, 2008

Death by Cashmere

Izzy Chambers gives up her life as a lawyer in Boston in order to open the Seaside Knitting Studio in Sea Harbor, Mass., where she spent her childhood, in Goldenbaum's charming debut. An informal knitting group of eccentric characters forms around the shop, including Birdie Favazza, the oldest member at nearly 80, and Cass Halloran, the owner of 200 lobster traps who's devastated by a midnight theft. Cass's younger brother, Pete, pines for the gorgeous Angelina Archer, who's recently come to the Cape to research a local history project and rents the apartment above Izzy's store. When Angelina's body washes up in the cove, Izzy and her knitting group vow to discover who hated Angelina enough to want the woman dead. A knitting pattern for a scarf rounds out a cozy many will find an ideal beach read.

After leaving her high powered job as a lawyer in Boston, Izzy opens up her knitting shop in a sea side town in Massachusetts. It's the meeting place of Izzy, her Aunt Nell, and a group of very eccentric friends - who somehow form an amazing bond. When Izzy's upstairs tenant is murdered, they all work together to figure out who could have harmed this home town girl. I would have preffered if the author had Izzy have a more predominant role in the book, as the shop owner. Instead she leaves the running of her show to her manager, and spends more time hanging with her friends in the back room. This seemed more like an easy beach read than the cozies I've been reading lately, but was an enjoyable read. I'll definitely check out the next book in the series to find out what Izzy and her friends will be up to next.

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Ruth said...

Two of my favorite things: a mystery and knitting!