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Happy Hour Holiday Special from Michele Scott

Happy Hour Holiday Special!
Get Three Books for the Price of One!

In her Holiday newsletter Michele gave a description of her new book "Happy Hour." The book is receiving rave reviews and sh want you to have a copy for yourself, your friends, your sisters, mothers, etc., for the holidays. It is truly the perfect gift for the women in your life! As a little incentive to get more books into the hands of her readers, she is running a special promotion through the month of December! Any time you order a copy of "Happy Hour," you get a choice of any two of her current releases, which she will sign! That's three books for the price of one! Take a look at her books and click on over to amazon and order your copy of "Happy Hour" You can order more than one copy and recieve more than one gift. There is no limit. Once you've placed your order drop a line to stating that you have placed an order for Happy Hour through amazon, and then add what two books you would like sent to you. If you would like your two free books personalized, write the name in the e-mail, and she will happily personalize your FREE books. It's that simple. There is no better gift to give than a book!


Michele (and Lori) :)

Wine or Horses? Or a Book for the Kid in Your Life or the Kid in You!

For those of you who haven't picked up one of the Wine Lover's Mysteries, let me give you a little insight into her heroine Nikki Sands. Nikki is an everyday woman struggling with many of the same issues we all struggle with, including self esteem issues, relationship issues, finding dead bodies wherever she goes-oops, hopefully that does not happen to many of us. However, it seems to happen often with poor Nikki. When she created Nikki she wanted to write something Nancy Drewish for the adult set. She wanted the books to be who dunnits, but she also wanted a little romance in there, some humor and the fact that there are recipes and wine pairings gives it a fun edge. Nikki is the kind of woman who wants to always do the right thing, but may not always go about it in the right way-if that makes sense. She's got a dry sense of humor and a sarcasm that plays off well with another one of my favorite characters to write-Simon Malveaux. The scenes where she writes Simon and Nikki are by far her favorites. She likes to think that Nikki's character portrays the kind of woman every woman wants to be friends with. She's someone you could see yourself having a cup of coffee with or a glass of wine and hanging out.

If you haven't picked up one of her Michaela Bancroft mysteries here is a chance to try one of them once you place your order for a copy of "Happy Hour." I love the Michaela Bancroft series. She always knew that she wanted to write something that involved the horse world. Michele was fortunate to grow up with horses, and they have been a passion of hers since she was four or five-years-old. So writing about Michaela Bancroft has been a natural fit for her. Michaela is a bit of a more serious character than Nikki. Michele think that's true for people who work with animals. She has a funny bone, too, because she also believe that animals bring humor into our lives. But Michaela's first priority are her animals. She is a reluctant sleuth at first. Unlike Nikki who jumps on board immediately to figure out a mystery, Michaela would prefer that dead bodies would not get in her way. Michaela has some great friends in this series as well as some amazing horses. She's a fun character to write and for Michele she is the closest character to who she thinks she really is as a person. They've both dealt with many of the same issues, so writing her comes easy, and is really enjoyable. Michele hopes you'll pick up the series. A lot of readers think they need to be horse fans to enjoy the books, but that isn't the case. She has received e-mails from all over the country from readers who love the series for the mystery, romance and the characters. For horse people, the horses are an added bonus.

If you like a good fantasy, or something the entire family will enjoy, then choose her children's book "Zamora's Ultimate Challenge," for one of your free signed books! I'll even sign it to your child, just include a name in the e-mail you send to, when you order your copy of Happy Hour off of amazon at This is such a fun book and was written for her three children. Now it's found it's way into the hands of young readers around the country, and is even reading curriculum for a handful of fifth grade classes.. This is really a book the entire family will enjoy! Read what the Booking Mama has to say about the book at

Mason and Carter Clover only agree on two things-their baby sister Isabella is a royal pain and their favorite video game, Zamora's Ultimate Challenge, is totally awesome.

But fantasy turns to reality when Zamora's evil face appears across the brothers' television screen. Claiming to have kidnapped Isabella, the queen challenges the boys to a daring rescue before she takes over their sister's soul. Zamora's plan is to use the baby as a human vessel to travel to Earth and dominate the world.

Once the brothers figure out how to get inside the video game, they are hurled into the magical land of Boysen where they meet their helpful guides: a sage, a quirky mermaid, and a Pegasus (who flies them to each thrilling level of the video game). Racing against time, the brothers search for their sister, encountering a myriad of dangerous enemies including stinging fairies, haunted Master Souls, and brutish, knife-wielding pirates.

Can they beat each level of the game while being hunted by a fire-breathing dragon, stalked by a robotic shark, and terrorized by acid-poop-bombing pterodactyls?

Driven by the powerful bonds that unite siblings, Mason and Carter are determined to face their fears and will stop at nothing to bring Isabella home...but first they must survive Zamora's Ultimate Challenge!

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