Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Hour by Michele Scott - Pre-order bonus

Time to add a little bonus for those of you who pre-order this book during the next 7 days ~

Each order will also contain an autographed copy of one of Michele's mysteries (either from her Wine Lover's Series or her Horse Lover's Series).

A few randomly selected books will also include coupons on how to redeem books for your book club as well as a wine & food gift basket.

Make sure to check back here in a few days to sign up for my new giveaway that will tie in the number of books sold with an Amazon gift certificate :)

Click on the "buy now" button on the right to pre-order your copy today.


Lynne D. said...


holdenj said...

Ditto! Nothing like a little bonus to sweeten the pot and bump it off the reserve list at the library!
The description was blank, so I typed in Happy Hour..hope that's how it's supposed to work.