Monday, October 19, 2009

Guest Post ~ Robert Tuchman

Why Social Networks are the keys to Good Networking

In the information age we live in the increase of people and companies using social networking is climbing everyday. It is hard to sit on a commuter bus or train to see the person sitting next you updating their facebook status or tweeting about the latest and most popular news story. Social networking is a great way to keep in touch with friends, meet new people, promote a new product, find a potential employer, promote an event, and it is a great advertising tool.

Social networking is great for those who are suffering from the perils of the drowning economy to look for pages that potential companies might have on Facebook and Twitter. Creating your profile is easy and you can keep it as privatized as you like, facebook even as an option where you display what your “Looking For” and networking is an option. On Twitter you can follow a company that might be hiring and view their profile to see what qualities they are looking for in their new hires.

Another advantage of social networking is the promotional aspect. Whether you are trying to get people to come to an event you are hosting to promoting a new sporting goods product. Facebook is a great way to reach people for this aspect you can easily create an event give a description of the event, time it starts to the time it ends, post pictures, etc. There are three options to the people you have invited have to respond too, attending, not attending, and maybe attending. This is a great advantage to hosting an event, your reaching out to a large group of people, and you are saving money on stamps, postage, and invite cards as well. It is also a great guarantee that you will save money between knowing exactly how many people will be attending, and who might be attending you can estimate how much food and drink to buy, how many chairs to set up, and how many favors to buy if you plan to give those out as well.

Trying to promote a product, new fashion line, company, or maybe yourself as a musician? Facebook has a great source for that too, create a fan page. For example, if you are starting your own company ask friends to become your fan, on this page give an overview of your company and what you do. Update your page as soon as new products come in or any updates on media recognition that you might have. Also blog a little bit, discuss what you have done one week to the next to improve your company. This is a great tool for networking with a mass group of people.

Aside from Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is another great social network to help find potential employees as well as employers. LinkedIn is great because it is a professional social networking site. Creating a profile is more or less the same on LinkedIn as on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Except your profile looks like a nice internet copy of your resume, going into detail of previous jobs, interests, strengths and weaknesses, your education background and so forth. The purpose of LinkedIn is for you to stay in touch with professionals whom you may trust or are interested in.

Social networking is wonderful for staying in touch with high school, relatives and college friends, but explore the advantages it has to offer for you to promote a book, company, or an even; maybe even your next big break in a new career.

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