Monday, August 10, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.
We share what books that we found in our mailboxes last week.

Here's what I got ~

Depraved Indifference by Joseph Teller (ARC) ~ An Audi sports car, speeding on the wrong side of the road, forces an oncoming van off the road. The van bursts into flames, killing all nine occupants ...eight of them children. Criminal defense attorney Harrison J. Walker, known simply as Jaywalker, is trying to keep his nose clean while serving a three-year suspension. But when a woman seduces him into representing the Audi Assassin, a man who also happens to be her husband, things get messy. Struggling with the moral issues surrounding this case, Jaywalker tries to stay focused on his goal limiting the damage to his client by exposing the legal system s hypocrisy regarding drunk driving. But when he rounds a blind corner in the case, he collides with a truth that could turn his entire defense into disaster. Release date 11/1

Inked Up (A Stamping Sisters Mystery) by Terri Thayer ~ Halloween is scarier than ever in Aldenville, Pennsylvania, when professional rubber stamper April Buchert discovers a dead body in a “haunted” corn maze. The police suspect the victim’s husband murdered her, but April knew the couple, and she and the Stamping Sisters are determined to find the real killer before he catches another in his murderous motif.

Larceny and Lace (A Vintage Magic Mystery) by Annette Blair ~ Madeira Cutler is busy opening her new vintage clothing store in what was once the townÂ’s morgue when she discovers an intruder snooping around a bunch of bones in a body drawer. Now, sheÂ’ll have to dig up more than the past to solve a crime.

Spackled and Spooked (A Do-It-Yourself Mystery) by Jennie Bentley ~
Avery Baker and her boyfriend, Derek Ellis, are flipping a seriously stigmatized house rumored to have ghosts. Soon they’ll have even bigger problems—and this renovation project might haunt them forever.

Enter Evil by Linda Ladd ~ His doctors are the best in the world, his father one of the most powerful men in the state. But they couldn't stop Mikey from succumbing to his darkest demons - the ones inside his head. The ones who told him it was time to end it all. It should have been an open-and-shut case, especially since detective Claire Morgan's lover, Dr Nicholas Black, recognized Mikey as a former troubled patient. Then Claire finds another body in Mikey's home. Curled inside an oven, charred beyond recognition, the method of murder mind-boggling...Claire's only lead is a beaded bracelet around each victim's wrist, believed to ward off the 'evil eye'. But by the time she discovers what the dead were afraid of, she's trapped in a mind game of her own - with a brilliant, sadistic killer. And this time, there's method to the madness...

Dust to Dust (Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation, No. 7) by Beverly Connor ~ A woman dies under suspicious circumstances, supposedly after finding evidence of her incarcerated brother’s innocence. Now to prove a possible murder, Diane Fallon must root through the victim’s family secrets—and the many skeletons in her closet...

The Devil's Queen: A Novel of Catherine de Medici by Jeanne Kalogridis (For Review) ~ In this soap opera rendition of 16th-century power and politics, the ruthless and manipulative wife of France's King Henry II, reviled for her role in the civil and religious wars that roiled France, is conned into a deal with the devil. After her arranged marriage to the future French king, Catherine de Medici dedicates her life to protecting her husband and his reign, bartering away her soul to ensure that she provides heirs. Seasoned historic novelist Kalogridis (The Borgia Bride) nails the palace intrigue and lush pageantry of the Renaissance, but can't get a grip on her heroine's slippery, troubled heart. Catherine confesses to a core of evil, and history certainly supports that view, but Kalogridis suggests that the real trade-off of Catherine's Faustian bargain was to become a royal doormat, swallowing her courage and pride to become a dutiful and ignored wife and mother.

The Perfect Liar (Last Stand) by Brenda Novak ~ Obsession leads to lies…When air force captain Luke Trussell opens his door one Sunday morning, he's shocked to find the police—and even more shocked when they charge him with rape. He knows he made a mistake in judgment the night before, but he certainly didn't force his attentions on the woman who's been stalking him for months. Problem is…Karina Harter has the bruises—and the DNA evidence—to make her claim convincing. And lies can lead to murder. Determined to isolate Luke, Karina goes to victims' rights advocate Ava Bixby of The Last Stand, hoping Ava will help put Luke behind bars. But Ava soon realizes she's defending the wrong victim.Problem is…switching her support to Luke could be dangerous—especially when she falls for him. Because Karina won't tolerate losing the man she wants to anyone. Least of all Ava…Release date 9/1

Dead Write: A Forensic Handwriting Mystery by Sheila Lowe (For Review) ~ Handwriting expert Claudia Rose heads to the Big Apple at the behest of Grusha Olinetsky, the notorious founder of an elite dating service whose members are mysteriously dying. Drawn into the feckless lives of the rich and single, Claudia finds herself in a twisted world of love and lies fueled by desperation. But is one among them desperate enough to kill? Claudia must find clues in the suspects’ handwriting before more victims are scribbled into the killer’s black book...

Collision of Evil: A Novel by John J. Le Beau (For Review) ~ As evening falls against the majestic backdrop of the Bavarian Alps, Charles Hirter, an American tourist, is savagely murdered. In the peace, quiet and pastoral splendor of this magnificent setting, Charles Hirter draws his last breath. Was Charles simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Kommissar Franz Waldbaer, the German detective in charge of the case, faces an investigation that yields neither clues nor suspects nor motives. A gruff, go-it alone detective, Waldbaer is dismayed by the arrival of Robert Hirter, the victim's brother, who insists on joining the investigation. But there is more to Robert than meets the eye. As Robert and the Kommissar uncover a nefarious nexus of evil past and evil present, they find themselves probing dark, long-forgotten episodes from the Third Reich in order to identify the present threat. Thrust into a violent world of fanatic passions, malevolent intentions and excruciating urgency, Robert Hirter and Kommissar Waldbaer must race against the clock to stop a sophisticated, covert, and deadly plot. Release date 9/21


Kaye said...

Hey Lori, you got some fantastic books in the mail. Have a great week and enjoy your new books. My MM is here

Holly said...

Awesome mailbox!

Anonymous said...

What a great bunch of books. Enjoy!

Kelly said...

What a great stack o'books! You've got some happy reading ahead of you!