Monday, August 24, 2009

The Battered Body by J.B. Stanley

The Battered Body: A Supper Club Mystery by J.B. Stanley

The flab five are back in what is one of the most satisfying books in the series. The dieters include librarian James, policewoman Lucy, mailman Bennett, artist and schoolteacher Lindy, and vegetarian and pet activist Gillian. James’ widowed father, Jackson, is planning to marry on Christmas Eve. The trouble starts with the arrival of the bride’s family, including her sister, Paulette, a celebrity chef and television personality. The Diva of Dough plans to make a wedding cake to die for. But the woman seems to make more enemies than cakes. While no one is truly unhappy at her demise (her body covered in cake batter), the flab five feel they must discover who did it. As always, the story offers a delightful depiction of the village of Quincy’s Gap, Virginia. Stanley excels at gradually revealing more and more details about her appealing cast of characters, which, in turn, paves the way for plenty of engaging story lines to pursue in future volumes. The recipes included won’t do much for your diet, but maybe the introduction of a new character, dietician Dr. Ruth Wilkins, will help.

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