Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

1.) Do you have anything planned for your father for Father's Day? If so, what? We're doing the same thing we do every year - Chinese food at Golden Temple.
2.) If you could visit anywhere in the world with all your expenses paid for each trip, where would you go? I'd probably go back to Israel and see it own my own terms. I went with a group last time and it was very rushed.
3.) What are a few things you have done that you previously thought I would never do? Work for the family business.
4.) How do you react to the bodily functions (passing gas, burping, etc) of your significant other? I'm a single gal!
5.) What are you allergic to? Penicillin, grass
6.) If you could go back in time and meet any passed historical figure, who would you choose and why? I'll have to think about this some more.
7.) Honestly, how often do you check up on any of your exes? Never

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