Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Page Out Of Life

A Page Out of Life by Kathleen Reid ~~ The connections women make through scrapbooking inspire a novel full of “the twists and turns that keep readers turning pages.”

When frazzled mother of four Ashley joins a local scrapbook club, she’s amazed at the way old photos and mementos can bring color to sepiatoned memories. Among the diverse group is Tara, a single grad student whose search for love, like her relationship with her absentee father, has only brought her heartache…and some funny dating stories. Then there’s Libby, a semi-retired teacher who thought she’d spend her golden years taking classes—not as a town pariah after her son is charged in a corporate scandal. But all three find comfort and inspiration in the scrapbooking group, where they learn that only together can they face earth-shattering revelations and emotionally unavailable men—and figure out their futures while artfully commemorating their pasts.
I loved this story. Any woman who gets together with a group of friends for any reason (book club, scrapbooking, knitting) must read this book! When Ashley joins her friends scrapbooking club she has no idea her life is about to change forever. While there is a large group of women who meet once a week, the story focuses on the lives of Ashley, Libby and Tara, three people with connections that no one expected. And how their lives will be changed forever. This is a beautiful tale of friendship and shows us just how lucky we are to have such good people in our lives. A+


SheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

This looks like a great book for summer, another good "sister/girlfriend" story!
I think I'll enjoy it from the vantage of a on-again-off-again scrapbooker myself! I've had interesting conversations with strangers and friends alike while we work together at crops.

SheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

me again ... Thanks for letting me know that you're getting _The Brass Verdict_ from another source; I know you'll enjoy it!

Also, I just re-read your review of _A Page Out Of Life_ and wanted to add that I'm "a frazzled mother of four"; hmm, who has been looking over my shoulder?!?

Bree said...

This book is on my wish list. Sounds like you liked it. I can't wait to read it as I am a scrapbooker.