Monday, June 23, 2008

Tell No Lies

Tell No Lies by Julie Compton ~ Jack Hilliard has the perfect life. A family man with two young sons and a supportive wife that he has loved since the day they met, he’s also on the verge of being elected District Attorney of St. Louis. As secure at home as he is in the courtroom, he has plenty to fight for and nothing to hide. But everything in Jack’s life is not nearly as perfect as it seems, as he learns when he finally admits to being attracted to one of his old friends and colleagues, Jenny Dodson. Jack tries hard to put his feelings for her aside, but his attraction develops into an obsession that he can’t control. What should have been a terrible mistake never to be repeated turns into even more when Jenny is accused of the murder of one of her clients, and Jack is her only alibi. Now Jack’s in the painful and precarious position of being trapped between saving a friend and protecting his family. Julie Compton’s searing debut novel, Tell No Lies, is as much a whodunit as it is about why---why does Jack Hilliard do what he does, even when it seems he can’t win, why does Jenny Dodson let him, and why is human nature as much about love and conviction as it is about trust and betrayal?

What more in life coud Jack possibly need? He's got a beautiful wife, two great sons and is an excellent ADA. Now he's been approached to run for the District Attorney position and after some resistance decides to go for it. All the while fighting his feels for his good friend Jenny. One night both Jack and Jenny make a horrible mistake. One that will eventually come back to haunt both of them. When Jenny is arrested for a crime and can not provide an alibi, Jack must risk losing it all by saying he spent the night in question with her. Jacks wife tosses him out - Jenny disappears and he's left wondering how he could have let his life take such a downward turn. A great legal thriller filled with sex, lies and betrayal that isn't so much about "who" but as "why". A fast paced read with a twist at the end that no one will see coming. A

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tracy said...

Hi Lori, I got the 19th Wife today Lovely book:) Thanks again:) Tracy