Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reader Survey

I got this idea over from Jen at Crazy For Books, (who saw it over at Book Chick City) and thought to myself - "Ok,  Jen better let me copy her!" So, with her blessing, here is the first Lori's Reading Corner Reader Survey!

I love working on my blog. It's my outlet, my way of expressing myself. I started blogging at the prodding of my friends. I can tell by the number of followers I have that people are reading my blog, but sometimes I wonder if you're REALLY reading it? Now, I'd like to know if you do and what you REALLLY think.

The survey is anonymous, so please feel free to be honest. But remember, I am a human being with feelings, so try to phrase your criticisms in the nicest way possible! Just don't tell me that you hate my blog - tell my WHY you hate my blog! Don't tell me that my writing sucks - tell my WHY my writing sucks. See? I am all about constructive criticism! It's how we all grow! I'm NOT about being mean and hurtful just for the sake of it. I'm really opening myself up here, so any helpful tips are encouraged! (Yes, I copied this right from Jen, because well, she said it exactly the way I was thinking it! So, thank you Jen!)

I am grateful for all of you. I work hard to bring you posts, books and giveaways that I hope you'll enjoy and make your time here at Lori's Reading Corner interesting, fun and exciting.

This is completely anonymous & your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you,


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