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Guest Post/Virtual Tour ~ K.M. Daughters

A K.M. Daughters Book Dedication

We wonder if other authors relish dedicating their books as much as we do. It’s one of our favorite things to do as an author. The dedication inside ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND LAW reads, “For our parents: Kay and Mickey, Jeanne and Tom, Violet and Nick.”

Those of you who know us are aware that our parents, Kay and Mickey are deceased. Our penname celebrates their memory, since we are “K’s” and “M’s” daughters. Jeanne and Tom are Kathie’s in-laws; Violet and Nick are Pat’s.

We received our author shipment of this new release during the past week, and one of the first things we did (habitually) was open the book to the dedication page and read those words again. Somehow reading the dedication makes the book’s existence official. Sadly, seeing the dedication this time also makes the thrill of book launch bittersweet.

We couldn’t wait for Violet to open this book. She’s an avid “Sullivan Boys” Reader, and we didn’t tell her that we chose to name our parents in the dedication. Her husband Nick died two years ago. We hoped that when the “secret” was revealed, she’d be flattered to see her name in print and honored that we remembered her husband in this special way.

Violet died September 3rd, exactly one week short of her ninetieth birthday. She didn’t have the chance to read the next Sullivan Boys installment, although she couldn’t wait for the book to be available. One of our biggest fans, she tickled us when she proclaimed, “People don’t know what they’re missing,” after she finished reading, AGAINST DOCTORS ORDERS. We hate that she’s missing ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND LAW.

While we’re missing her.

A Tale of Two Sisters ~ 

Kay and Mickey Lynch gave birth to two daughters - US. Patricia Noel was born in their native city, Bronx, New York, but only resided there while in the hospital nursery. The little family moved to a two family house in New Jersey - Kay and Mickey's "house in the country". Three and a half years later Kathleen Ann was born and the Lynch family was complete.

Our parents' names might sound familiar to you. That's because we made a promise to each other to name characters in each of our books after our mom and dad - whether they just have cameos or they get to have some fun as secondary characters. This way they live on in our pages as well as our hearts.

Daddy was a doorman for the exclusive Fifth Avenue designer, Hattie Carnegie, until her death and the close of her shop. A natural born storyteller, he would regale us with stories of the famous people he helped into and out of the shop every day: the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Jackie "O"(before she was a Kennedy or an Onassis) and Lucille Ball. We extended an invitation to Lucy and Desi to come for dinner and watch "I Love Lucy" with us and we could never understand why that never happened.

Mickey started his own paint contracting business in town and Mike The Painter was much beloved by his clients. In his spare time he wrote children's books that delighted us. He died when we were teenagers and Kay never remarried. After she died, we self-published a treasury of Mickey's charming stories - Three Wishes by Michael Lynch. You can purchase copies at your favorite bookstore.

We were young when Daddy died and Mom was nearly destroyed with grief. It fostered an "us against the world" mentality that lives on today in our special bond with each other. We relish "sister time" and never get enough of each other.

Kathie married Tom Clare and gave birth to two sons Tom and Michael. Kathie
is the proud “Nana” of Natalie Katherine, Michael John, and Maeve Anne (Pat’s Godchild).

Pat married and had two daughters, Jen and Emilie. She divorced ten years later. Then she married Nick Casiello. Aside from gaining a perfect husband (in her opinion) she also gained a son, Brian. Pat and Nick live in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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The  newest book ~ 

The senseless death of their brother-in-law, Mike Lynch, has left the Sullivan boys reeling. Still coping with the death of their brother, Jimmy, they are pulling together to help their sister Kay deal with the loss of her husband as she slips into depression.

During an outing with Kay’s twin girls, Patrick Sullivan, a new captain at the Chicago Police Department, comes face-to-face with a woman who gets his body tingling all over. Little does he know he’ll see this woman again all too soon–in the courtroom.

C.J. Demarco, also known as, Charlie, is a shining star of a defense attorney at Schotz, Pearson and Freemont. When she gets a perp off on a technicality, Patrick’s department isn’t looking too good and he has to answer for it to the media. But he has much bigger issues to deal with. Someone is brutally killing prostitutes and dumping them in the trash in the city’s alleys. The Garbage Man Murderer case is going to take all of Pat’s limited resources to nail; not an easy task considering the recent budget cuts.

Despite working on seemingly opposite sides of the law, Charlie and Pat can’t deny their attraction to each other. When Charlie is set to defend a high-profile case, Pat can’t believe she would be involved in trying to get such a creep off. But Charlie isn’t about to reveal why she does the type of work she does or the reason getting too involved with Pat scares the hell out of her. Their budding romance is threatened. And for Charlie, one mistake, could be a fatal one.

Read an excerpt ~

Her breath caught as his smile dazzled in reaction to something one of the girls said to him.  Certainly his size alone would draw attention.  Close-cropped reddish hair, her favorite shade of blue eyes, like his kids’, and muscles in that thin T-shirt that teased a woman to cup them with her hands.   She had had a hard time concentrating on stage during the first set.  Her eyes had sought his involuntarily again and again.  And damn if he wasn’t sending her appreciative vibes.  Must be this crazy heat in April.  She extended her lower jaw and blew air up over her face.
Frankenstein called for his bride.  Charlotte counted to ten and then ran out from behind the curtain.  The crowd jumped to their feet and cheered.  Wow, this is what it must feel like to be a rock star.  Emi, I think I’m jealous of you.  Maybe I should switch careers and we can do a sister act.
Her ego stroked, she enjoyed every minute of the performance.  Mummy led the cast off stage into the audience.
“Pick us.  Please pick us!” The hunk’s kids yelled.
Well, of course I will.  Her hips gyrating, she sashayed in his direction, her eyes locked on his heavenly blues.
“Here she comes.  She is going to pick us this time.”
She averted his eyes and focused on his cute kids.  “Hi girls.  Would you like to come up on stage with me?”
“Is it OK, Uncle Pat?  Can we please?”
“Sure it is.  Go ahead.”
Saints be praised.  No wedding band on the man’s hand, either. “Would Uncle Pat like to come up on stage, too?”
“Thanks but no. I’m good.”
“Well I bet you are.”  He grinned and boyish dimples creased his fair-skinned cheeks.  Her purposely-suggestive laugh made him blush.

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