Saturday, December 18, 2010

Book Spotlight ~ Did Not Survive by Ann Littlewood

Poisoned Pen Press Announces the Release of Did Not Survive by Ann Littlewood

One of the best-known quotes about the craft of writing is “write what you know.” Novelist Ann Littlewood, who worked as a zookeeper for the Oregon Zoo for over a decade, does just that in her latest mystery, Did Not Survive. An intriguing and suspenseful tale set against the backdrop of a fictional zoo, Did Not Survive is the story of a violent death, an elephant with means and opportunity but no motive, and a zookeeper driven to find the truth.
Did Not Survive
Pregnant and still reeling from her husband’s murder, protagonist Iris Oakley wants only to carry on as a keeper at Finley Memorial Zoo in Vancouver, Washington. But Iris is forced into extraordinary—and extraordinarily terrifying—circumstances when she must try to rescue her boss, Kevin Wallace, from being mauled to death by Damrey, a reliable old elephant. No one understands why Damrey attacked—or even if Damrey attacked.

Nominated by her coworkers to investigate, Iris soon uncovers a number of motives to kill Kevin—and a long list of potential suspects. The elephant keepers are locked in a bitter feud; the zoo’s new veterinarian has something to hide; and an old flame’s passion has boiled down to a simmering rage. Adding to the chaos, animal rights activists who want the elephants sent to a sanctuary are picketing the zoo. The police keep dropping by. A new foreman shows up with alarming ideas. And then the animals begin to disappear into thin air. . . .

Determined to get answers, Iris launches a pulse-racing quest that will put her job, her baby, and even her life on the line. But the closer Iris gets to the truth, the closer she gets to a killer—a killer who will stop at nothing to keep Iris from piecing together this deadly puzzle.

A chilling and inventive tale that explores the promise of new birth juxtaposed against the trauma of murder, Did Not Survive is a complex and captivating mystery. Rich with insights about modern zoos and the incredible bond between humans and animals drawn from Littlewood’s experience, Did Not Survive is an exhilarating novel with an exotic setting, an enchanting heroine, and a storyline to die for.

Ann Littlewood worked as a zookeeper at the Oregon Zoo for 12 years before launching a career in business writing with Kaiser Permanente. Ann lives in Portland, Oregon. A life-long environmentalist, Ann is an active volunteer with the Audubon Society of Portland. She is also the author of Night Kill.

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