Thursday, December 25, 2008

Murder On The Menu

Annie, Eve, and their former cooking teacher are in the trenches, trying to keep a new restaurant, Bellywasher's, from going belly up.

Everything's simmering along just fine until Annie and Eve find their friend Sarah, staffer to a powerful congressman, lying dead in her tub. The cops want to write it off as a suicide, but the facts just don't add up. Then, after a series of suspicious "accidents," Annie and Eve realize that this kitchen fire isn't about to put itself out.

What's someone like Annnie ~ who can't even boil water ~ doing working at a restaurant??? Well thankfully she's not working in the kitchen (except for one hilarious night!). When Annie's sometime boyfriend opens his new restaurant, she and Eve find themselves working for him - and involved in yet another murder! I thought this book was really cute. A fun read, and enough twists and turns to keep your turning the pages. Not only do we get more of these wonderful friends but we also get a peek into what makes them tick. I love how their friendship continues to be a central part of the story line as they work together to solve what appears is going to be murder after murder. I look forward to seeing what they dish up in their next book.

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