Sunday, March 30, 2008


Twisted by Andrea Kane ~~ This chilling first of a new romantic suspense series from bestseller Kane (Dark Room) introduces 30-year-old Sloane Burbank, a former FBI agent trained as a crisis negotiator, now an independent consultant who works with law enforcement and others in need of her expertise. During a trip to Manhattan, Sloane receives a call from the mother of a childhood friend with whom she's lost touch, Penny Truman. When Sloane learns that Penny has been missing for almost a year, she turns for help to her former lover, Derek Parker, who happens to be the FBI agent in charge of Penny's case. Animosity between Derek and Sloane serves to increase the explosive romantic tension between the pair as more women disappear, evidently victims of a serial killer. A wealth of red herring suspects will keep the reader guessing until the conclusion of this no-holds-barred thriller.
Andrea Kane has done it again. What a great book. She drops enough hints to keep you guessing until about the last 30 pages as to who the "bad guy" is. She's working on another book that will feature Sloane and Derek. I can't wait! A


G.M. Malliet said...

Lori - Thanks so much for adding me to your wish list!
G.M. Malliet

lorisreadingcorner said...

My friends and I are looking forward to reading it.