Saturday, March 15, 2008

Charley's Web

Charley's Web: A Novel by Joy Fielding ~~ Jill Rohmer, a convicted child killer with a borderline personality disorder, lures Charlotte Charley Webb, a popular columnist for the Palm Beach Post and single mom, into a web of danger and deceit in this spine-tingler from bestseller Fielding (Heartstopper). When Jill invites Charley to collaborate on the true story of what really happened to the three children she was convicted of murdering, Charley at first thinks it sounds like a great idea. Her sister Anne is, after all, a bestselling romance author, so why couldn't Charley have a nonfiction bestseller? Charley meets with Jill's attractive lawyer, Alex Prescott, who secures a book contract. After committing to the project, Charley begins dating Alex. Then Charley learns Jill had an accomplice, someone on the loose whom Jill calls Jack. Fielding pulls out all the stops as the identity of the ruthless murderer becomes obvious, and Charley must race against time to catch the horrible Jack and save his next target—her son.

Charlotte Webb (who has 2 sisters - also called - The "Bronte" sisters) has shut herself off from feeling anything. She writes a "controversial" (brazillian waxes and passion party) column, she has 2 children by 2 differnet fathers, neighbors who hate her, a mother who just came back into her life after abandoning the family 20 years earlier, 2 sisters she barely speaks with, a drug addicted brother - and a child serial killer on death row who wants Charley to write her story. But there is more to this killers story than meets the eye. There is only one killer, but the author does a great job of making you think one thing and then leading you down a whole new road! A

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