Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Dark Tide

The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross ~~ Charles Friedman, a New York hedge fund trader, perishes in a bombing at Grand Central Station that destroys the railroad car in which he was riding one morning from his home in Greenwich, Conn. Ty Hauck, head of the Greenwich police's violent crime unit, enters the picture when a hit-and-run victim turns out to have a vague connection to Friedman. Soon, Friedman's widow and her kids are threatened by men searching for vast sums of money her late husband never earned. The stakes rise as Hauck's involvement shifts from professional to personal. While the reader will occasionally see the next drop, tunnel or curve looming far ahead, the roller-coaster thrills are still there in abundance.

What an incredible ride. As the synopsis states, there are times you can see where the book is headed, but the enjoyment is seeing how the author takes you there. Andrew Gross used to co-write books with James Patterson. His first book The Blue Zone was absolutely amazing. And he continues his "streak" with his latest. I'm so glad he broke away from Patterson to write on his own. He deserves the praises of a solo writer! A+

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