Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Timer Game

The Timer Game (A Grace Descanso Novel) by Susan Arnout Smith ~~ Reading much like an extended episode of CSI, Smith's repetitive debut chronicles the travails of Grace Descanso, a San Diego crime scene technician and single mother who once had a promising future in pediatric cardiology. After a deadly shooting at a crime scene, Grace is plunged into a cat-and-mouse game that forces her to confront her traumatic past. When her five-year-old daughter, Katie, is kidnapped and Grace receives a series of cryptic riddles, she races against the clock to save Katie. Grace must also uncover the dirty secrets of the Center for BioChimera, a biomedical research institution and hospital with ties to her past and Katie's disappearance. Grace turns to her ex-lover, a CNN reporter, for help, and together they must figure out the full extent of a medical nightmare stretching from California to Guatemala.

Grace was thisclose to being a Dr, when something awful happens to her to change her mind. She becomes a forsensic tech as a way to support herself and her child. Someone brings Grace into a deadly game of cat and mouse - someone she least expects. She's sent on something called the Timer Game - she's given riddles and a certain amount of time to find the answer - or her daughter will be killed. An intersesting twitst to the mystery/thriller story. Hopefully we'll see more of Grace in the future. B+

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