Monday, May 9, 2011

Book/Author Spotlight ~ Dr. Labib Mikhail


Dr. Labib Mikhail
is a theologian, apologist, journalist, counselor, and television/radio, seminar, and evangelis- tic campaign speaker in the USA and around the world. Originally from Egypt, Dr. Mikhail is a former professor of homiletics, psychology, and journalism in Faith Mission Bible College in Cairo, where he founded and pastored churches for more than thirty years. He has a B.A., M.S., and Th.D. from the International Bible Institute and Seminary. The author is well acquainted and experienced in the teachings and practices of the traditional churches and has studied extensively the writings and theology of the famous fourth century theologian, Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, Egypt, who helped to clarify the early doctrines of the Christian church.

He is the author of eighty books in Arabic, English, and Spanish, several in their fifth printing.

 The book ~

The Virgin Mary In the Light of the Word of God

The Virgin Mary in the Light of the Word of God fills a tremendous need for a concise, elegant, Biblical treatment of Mary. Dr. Labib, as he is affectionately known, gives Mary her due full honor while fending off the many faith-damaging myths perpetuated about her.

For those not well acquainted with but interested in Christianity and its true historic beliefs, you will find a straight-forward declaration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the Gospel that leads to the eternal and abundant life our God always intended for mankind, through the saving and sanctifying work of Jesus Christ. For the committed Christian, you will find an edifying presentation of the true Gospel and of sound doctrine.

This book is full of truth. Please read, enjoy, and let this book minister to your heart for the glory of God and the furthering of His kingdom. 

Read an excerpt ~ 

 From Chapter 1, page 10:

All generations of true believers agree that Mary is blessed among women because she was the vessel that God the Father used to prepare the body of His Son, Jesus Christ, who would complete by His death on the cross God’s plan for man’s salvation.  The Virgin Mary is blessed among women because she believed in the possibility of this most unprecedented event in all human history…that a virgin girl can give birth without being touched by a man.

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