Sunday, August 31, 2008

Muttering About

I say.......and you think.......

Groceries :: Market
Deodorant :: Sweat
Psychic :: Abby Cooper
Cherries :: Pits
Spooky :: Eerie
Yogurt :: Breakfast
Kitchen :: Table
Nothing personal :: Yeah right!
Be nice :: Always
Delivery :: Receipt

Saturday, August 30, 2008


14 by J. T. Ellison ~~

Ten victims, each with pale skin and long dark hair. All have been slashed across the throat, the same red lipstick smeared across their lips.

In the mid-1980s the Snow White Killer terrorized the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. Then suddenly the murders stopped. A letter from the killer to the police stated that his work was done.

Now four more bodies are found, marked with his fatal signature. The residents of Nashville fear a madman has returned, decades later, to finish his sick fairy tale. Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson believes the killings are the work of a copycat killer who's even more terrifying. For this monster is meticulously honing his craft as he mimics famous serial murders…proving that the past is not to be forgotten.

Lt. Taylor Jackson is just days away from getting married when the bodies start piling up. Years ago the Snow White Killer left a trail of bodies in Nashville until a note to the police said he was done. Now, more bodies are popping up with the same signature. Has the Snow White Killer come back, and if so, where has he been all this time? Or is it some sick copycat wanting to complete his work? Taylor and her team are determined to take this killer (or killers) down - at any cost. The action never lets up in this book. The writing is solid. The characters stay with you long after you finsih the books. And an ending that will crave you wanting more. Ms. Ellison is definitely making a place for herself in the world of mystery/thriller writers.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. When I'm sick I want to be left alone.

2. When I take a walk, I think about nothing since I don't walk much :)

3. Money can't buy happiness but it can sure by a lot at Louis Vuitton.

4. Cotton makes me want to cuddle and leather makes me think of handbags.

5. The strangest person/character I've had lewd thoughts about was gee - this has happened in ages .

6. My favorite color these days is green because it's calming.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to shopping for my new puppy, tomorrow my plans include getting my new puppy and Sunday, I am going to Mix & Match's first birthday party!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Come Out and VOTE!!!

Nominations are now open in a variety of categories for Book Bloggers Appreciation Week over at My Friend Amy's

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You don't need to have a blog to vote, simply email Amy above and nominate away!!

Little Ole Me

I was a guest blogger!!

Dawn over at She Is Too Fond of Books has added a new feature to her blog - spotlighting local/favorite books stores. She asked me if I'd like to participate and I couldn't jump at the chance fast enough to talk about one of my favorite places to buy books - The New England Mobile Book Fair. My guest post is up - so come on over and check it out :)

The Diva Runs Out of Thyme

Few can compete with Natasha Smith when it comes to entertaining, but her childhood rival, Sophie Winston, certainly tries. Natasha may have stolen the spotlight—and Sophie’s husband—but Sophie is determined to rob her of the prize for the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown. She just needs the right ingredient.

But Sophie’s search for the perfect turkey takes a basting when she stumbles across a corpse. And when the police find her name and photo inside the victim’s car, Sophie will have to set her trussing aside to solve the murder—or she’ll be serving up prison grub. (From Amazon)

A great start to a brand new series!
Sophie and Natasha have always been rivals, every since childhood. And now all grown up - they're still "fighting" for that top dog position - winner of the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown. Unfortunately a little thing like murder is going to have to put the competition on hold! First Sophie has an encounter in a parking lot with a man and he soon after is found dead in the dumpster. Why did he have a picture of Sophie with him?? The following day , at the stuffing competition the sponsor and head judge is found dead. And wouldn't you know it - Sophie just happens to be there again! What a wonderful introduction to a great cast of characters. We meet Nina - Sophie's neighbor and fellow crime solver, her sister and future brother in law, her parents, Mars - her former husband, Bernie - and old friend, and many more. The release of this book, right before the holiday season starts is perfect. Sophie and her friends will add lots of spice to your holiday (and your holiday planning). The book is filled with wonderful suggestions for enhancing your holiday as well as includes some great recipes for you to try on your own. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series. I can't wait to see what happens when Natasha moves into Sophie's neighborhood.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Husband's Sweethearts

My Husband's Sweethearts by Bridget Asher (ARC review for LT)

Faced with the imminent death of her charming, cheating and estranged husband Artie, Lucy Shoreman decides to call the names in his little black book and invite the ladies to his Philadelphia home to say a final farewell. For her part, 30-ish Lucy, who's 18 years Artie's junior, can't decide whether she loves or hates the man, while her much-married mother insists he deserves forgiveness. As a broad spectrum of his ex-lovers arrives, including a surprised mother-and-daughter duo and a troubled young woman Lucy takes under her wing, Artie's previously undisclosed and estranged grown son, John, shows up and seems as wickedly appealing as Dad. Asher, a pen name of prolific author Julianna Baggott, takes the edge off her sharply drawn characters with a succession of familiar sentiments. But flashes of wit and a parade of memorable women keep pages turning as Lucy grows increasingly and endearingly confused about her feelings toward Artie, John and the rest. (From Amazon)

When Lucy finds out her husband Artie is cheating on her, she takes off and buries herself in her work. Trying to forget his ultimate betrayal. But when she finds out Artie is dying, she realizes she must come home and try and make peace with him before his time comes. In a drunken fit of anger, Lucy takes her husbands little black book and starts calling all of his "sweethearts". She tells them "Artie is dying - come say goodbye". After only a few of these calls she realizes her mistake and is shocked the next day when the doorbell rings, and it's one of the women that she's called. What Lucy doesn't expect is the way in which she bonds with some of these women. And her confusion over how she feels about Artie. While she and the other women come to terms with his dying - they form an unlikely "family." While the ending was a bit predictable I enjoyed this book. Lucy's struggle to make peace with Artie, as well as all of his sweethearts trying to get him to make peace with his cheating ways made for a pleasurable read.

Book Giveaway - Turn Up The Heat (Autographed)

It's time for a new giveaway. This time I'll be giving away an autographed copy of Turn Up the Heat: A Gourmet Girl Mystery by Susan Conant and Jessica Conant-Park.

Murder's on the menu at Simmer, a popular Boston restaurant, in the third saucy cozy to feature gourmet girl Chloe Parker from daughter-and-mother writing team Conant-Park and Conant (after 2007's Simmer Down). When Leandra, a Simmer server, turns up strangled with her own apron strings in a seafood delivery truck belonging to Owen, the fiancé of Chloe's best friend, Adrianna, there are plenty of suspects. Most of the restaurant's staff appear to have despised the petite blonde, who happened to be the girlfriend of Simmer's owner, but did they hate Leandra enough to kill her? Chloe discovers Owen's been lying to Adrianna about something important, and Simmer employees and some of their significant others have a penchant for stealing. The snooping foodie dives deeper into danger as she decides to check out that delivery truck one more time. The authors serve up another delectable dish of detection.

Now to get down to the business of THE RULES ~~

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  2. Post a comment here. You MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR ACTIVE BLOG ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT. Any comment that DOES NOT INCLUDE this information WILL BE DELETED. I hav to have a way to contact you if you win!!!!

  3. If you blog this contest and leave a link in your comment so I can check it out, you will receive an extra entry to the contest.

Sign ups will be through September 4th. The winner will be announced on September 5th.

Immortal ~~ WINNER!


Sweet Sue

My friendly Randomizer picked Sue as the lucky winner of an autographed copy of Immortal: The Crossing by Joy Nash. I hope you enjoy! I've sent an email to Sue requesting her address so that I may pass it on to the author. (If I don't hear from Sue by Friday I will pick another winner.)
Thanks to everyone who signed up!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Murder in Little Italy

As a midwife working in the tenements of turn-of-the-century New York, Sarah Brandt has witnessed joy and misery, birth and death. Now Sarah suffers the heartbreak of losing a patient-but not from natural causes.

I continue to be a huge fan of this series. I only have 3 more to go until I complete the ones that have been published so far. Sarah once again finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation and turns to Frank for help. The two continue to struggle with their emotions with each other and I think this definitely contributes to the storyline. Although I do hope that there is some resolution to the relationship soon. I look forward to reading about Sarah, Frank and their extended families in the books to come.

Muttering About

I say ... and you think ... ?

Cry :: Sob
Stretch :: Yoga
Efficient :: Organized
Brunch :: Eggs
Afro :: Big
Preheat :: Warm up
Delicious :: Mouth watering
Global warming :: Go green
Actions :: Reactions
Ride :: Carnival

Friday, August 22, 2008

The School of Essential Ingredients

The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister (ARC) ~~

The School of Essential Ingredients follows the lives of eight people from different walks of life who gather every Monday night for a cooking class taught by Lillian, a famous chef whole alchemy in the kitchen has made her a local sensation. It soon becomes clear, however, that each student - including a teenage waitress, a young mother, a widower, and a long-married couple - comes seeking a recipe for something beyond the kitchen. One by one they are transformed by the aromas, flavors, and textures of what they create, including a white-on-white cake that prompts wistful reflections on the sweet fragility of marriage and a peppery heirloom tomato sauce that seems to spark one romance but end another. Slowly, the essence of Lillian's cooking appears to expand beyond the restaurant and into the secret corners of her students' lives, with results that are utterly surprising, and often delicious. (From the back cover)

What a wonderful book!! Over the course of several months eight students gather every Mondy at Lillian's restaurant for cooking class. But these are no ordinary lessons. While Lillian does "teach" her students how to make each meal, the lessons come from how they react to the food, the memories that they invoke and the feelings that they inspire. Each section of the book is told from the perspective of a student, going back and forth between the past and what brought them to the class and the present and the food that they are creating. The writing is incredibly descriptive. The author does an amazing job of bringing you into the book with her. She has such a way of describing things in such detail that you feel as if you're right there with her kneading the dough, shelling a crab or tasting the tiramasu as it melts in your mouth. A++

Book Giveaway - First Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader (ARC)

It's time for a new giveaway :) This time I'm giving away an ARC of First Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader.

Now to get down to the business of THE RULES ~~

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  2. 2. You MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR ACTIVE BLOG ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT. Any comment that DOES NOT INCLUDE this information WILL BE DELETED. I have to have a way to contact you if you win!!!!

  3. If you blog this contest and leave a link in your comment so I can check it out, you will receive an extra entry to the contest.

Contest is open through August 31st. The winner will be announced on September 1st.

The Brass Verdict ~~ WINNER!



My friendly Randomizer picked Julie S as the lucky winner of my ARC of The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly! I hope you enjoy! (It was a fabulous book!) Send me an email with your address and I'll get the book out to you a.s.a.p. (If I don't hear from Julie by Tuesday I will pick another winner.)

Thank you to everyone who signed up. Don't forget to check back for the latest giveaway!

Friday Fill Ins

1. Dancing to Hava Nagila while at my brothers weddings made me happy.

2. The last time I gave blood I nearly passed out.

3. When I drive I watch out for the crazy Mass drivers.

4. I saw him standing there.

5. Give me time with my girls, give me peace, give me happiness.

6. Next week I am looking forward to the long weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to doing a few errands, tomorrow my plans include reading and relaxing and Sunday, I am going to my cousins kids birthday party!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Book Bloggers Appreciation Week

Book blogging can certainly be a labor of love, and almost as addictive as reading the books themselves. Amy has a brilliant idea: the first ever Book Bloggers Appreciation Week. You can read the full details here. Send Amy an email and sign up. Post a comment on her blog. Don't forget to put the button on your blog and spread the word!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Murder 101

Alison Bergeron, newly divorced English professor at St. Thomas College, is having a difficult time. Someone stole her car, so she has to walk to the train station for the commute to work. Once there, she finds two homicide detectives waiting in her office to ask why the body of one of her students is in the trunk of her car. Trying to remove herself from the list of suspects is not easy. She also has to deal with the distraught family of the dead student, bail her ex-husband out of jail, and grade final exams for her Shakespeare class. For some reason, those boring exams are the object of a great deal of attention. As if that weren't enough, one of the homicide detectives, Bobby Crawford, is taking a romantic interest in Alison, and the pompous college president may decide that her involvement in the case is bad for the school's reputation. This is an entertaining debut and a series to follow for fans of gentle academic mysteries. (From Amazon)

Just as Alison starts to get her life back in order following her divorce, her car is stolen. Ok, no biggie - she'll just walk to work. But then when two detectives show up to question her, she knows this is about more than just a stolen car. The body of one of her students is found in the trunk of her car. Now Alison (along with her best friend Max) must set out to prove her innnocence. Along the way, Alison develops feelings for the lead detective - Bobby Crawford. And lucky for her the feeling is mutual. If Alison can get back the puking on his shoes, getting kidnapped and threatened by a mob boss - maybe she and Bobby can have a chance. That is, if his wife doesn't mind. A cute, fun read that held my attention. I loved seeing how the relationship between Alison and Bobby developed as she worked to clear herself and those around her. Alison and her friends are funny and had me laughing out loud. I'm looking foward to see if Alison and Bobby can take their relationship to the next level and what other trouble she can find herself in.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Angel's Tip

Angel's Tip by Alafair Burke (ARC) ~~

In a city full of victims . . . it's hard to choose just one.

Fresh-faced Indiana college student Chelsea Hart is so excited to spend the final hours of her spring break in the VIP room of an elite New York City club that she remains behind when her girlfriends call it a night. The next morning, as her concerned friends anxiously pace their hotel lobby, joggers find Chelsea's body in East River Park, her wavy blond hair brutally hacked off.

NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher catches the case and homes in on the group of privileged men who were last seen plying Chelsea with free-flowing alcohol. But before she can even gather the preliminary evidence, the gruesome murder is grabbing headlines and drawing unwanted media attention to the department. So when Ellie builds a tight case against Jake Myers, a young hedge fund manager, the department brass and the district attorney's office are elated: the case will soon be cleared, the media will tout the department's quick work, and Ellie will be a dream witness at the trial against Myers.

But Ellie has her doubts. Chelsea's murder is eerily similar to three other deaths that occurred nearly a decade ago: the victims were young, female, and in each case, the killer had taken her hair as a souvenir.

Ellie's investigation pulls her into a late-night world of exclusive clubs, conspicuous wealth, and hedonistic consumption. And her search for the truth not only pits her against her fellow cops but also places her under the watchful eye of a psychopath eager to add the prideful young female detective to his list.

Wrenching and suspenseful, Angel's Tip is an electric thriller that offers a voyeuristic glimpse into the glamorous but dangerous world of New York nightlife. This stunning whodunit proves yet again that Alafair Burke "knows when and how to drop clues to keep readers at her mercy"

Ellie Hatcher is back and is now a brand new homicide detective with a new partner to boot. While on a morning jog with her brother, Ellie comes across the body of a dead girl. Ellie quickly claims the case as her own, and with the help of partner arrests the murdered. But was it as easy as that? It seems as if the evidence was too easy to come across, and when Ellie hears from a man whose daughter was killed in a similar way - she steps outside the bounds to figure out what is going on. And why does there seem to be some connection to her? This was a fast paced book that will keep you turning the pages. While we do find out who the killer is, it's never fully explained as to why he/she has committed these gruesome acts, leaving the reader wanting more. I do hope this isn't the last we'll see of Ellie and her partner JJ. I think there is a lot of room for her to continue to grow.

Muttering About

I think.....

Signature :: Autograph
Olympics :: Champions
100% :: Fully
Damn! :: S**t
Gold :: Jewelry
Fresh and natural :: Organic
Fraction :: Partial
Hurry :: Quick
Summer :: Heat
29th :: End of month :(

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Out of school, out of work, and out of motivation, Abby Rose is contemplating her life and wondering what to do next. It's the kind of situation that would get some girls down, but luckily Abby's got a heart the size of Texas-and a bank account to match. But when she discovers the gardener dead in her greenhouse, Abby realizes what she needs to do with herself: she needs to solve a murder...

Abby Rose is a woman with a lot of money and a lot of time on her hands. While lounging in the sun one afternoon, her gardner Ben tells her there is something he needs to share with Abby and her twin sister Kate. Unfortunately Ben is later found dead in their greenhouse, before he has a chance to say what he wanted too. Of course, Abby's interest is now piqued, and since she really has nothing else to do, sets out to find the murderer on her own. Of course she finds herself in one mess after another in her quest to find the truth. But does she really want to know what the truth is?? Could it possibly change her life forever? I really enjoyed this book, the first in the Yellow Rose mystery series. Abby is funny, yet sarcastic at the same time. She knows what she wants and goes after it. There is also a great supporting cast of characters. I found myself laughing out loud all the way until the end. I can't wait to see what sort of trouble Abby gets into next.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Fill Ins

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was Steak tips & mashed potatoes

2. Lying is something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon is beautiful

4. Wicked pissa is one of my favorite local expressions.

5. Sometimes it's best to just walk away.

6. Is the best movie I've seen so far this year - I haven't seen anything this year ;(

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to running to the market, getting sushi for dinner and reading, tomorrow my plans include going to visit Amy, Ben, Mix & Match and Sunday, I want to read and relax.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too Close To Home

Too Close to Home by Linwood Barclay (ARC) ~~

“The night they killed our neighbors, we never heard a thing.”

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, in a house only one door away, a family is brutally murdered for no apparent reason. And you think to yourself: It could have been us. And you start to wonder: What if we’re next?

Linwood Barclay, critically acclaimed author of No Time for Goodbye, brings terror closer than ever before in a thriller where murder strikes in the place we feel safest of all. Promise Falls isn’t the kind of community where a family is shot to death in their own home. But that is exactly what happened to the Langleys one sweltering summer night, and no one in this small upstate New York town is more shocked than their next-door neighbors, Jim and Ellen Cutter. They visited for the occasional barbecue and their son, Derek, was friends with the Langleys’ boy, Adam; but how well did they really know their neighbors?

That’s the question Jim Cutter is asking, and the answers he’s getting aren’t reassuring. Albert Langley was a successful, well-respected criminal lawyer, but was he so good at getting criminals off that he was the victim of revenge—a debt his innocent family also paid in blood? From the town’s criminally corrupt mayor to the tragic suicide of a talented student a decade before, Promise Falls has more than its share of secrets. And Jim Cutter, failed artist turned landscaper, need look no further than his own home and his wife Ellen’s past to know that things aren’t always what they seem. But not even Jim and Ellen are ready to know that their son was in the Langley house the night the family was murdered.

Suddenly the Cutters must face the unthinkable: that a murderer isn’t just stalking too close to home but is inside it already. For the Langleys weren’t the first to die and they won’t be the last.

When their neighbors the Langley's are murdered in their home, the Cutter family no longer feels safe. Was Albert Langley the true target of the killers, or was it a case of mistaken identity and it was really the Cutter's the killer were after? What is a father to do when he finds out his son is in the home at the time of the killing? What will parents do to prove their child innocent? The entire story revolves around two kids messing around with and old computer that holds many secrets - and who will go to what length to protect those secrets. While not as "page turning" as No Time For Goodbye was, there were definitely enough elements to keep you turning the pages. One of the last secrets revealed is not one to be expected and the uncovering of the murderer will certainly surprise you. B+

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

50 Chances To Win ~ Immortals: The Crossing

Joy Nash’s Immortals: The Crossing--the sixth book in Dorchester’s USA Today Bestselling series Immortals--hits the bookshelves on September 30.

But 50 lucky readers will win autographed copies on or before that date! Yes, that’s right – 50 copies of The Crossing will be given away on 50 participating websites and blogs. This means readers have 50 online chances to win this hot new paranormal romance during the 50 days between August 12 and September 30.

You can find a list of all of the participating sites here!!!!

Now to get down to the business of THE RULES

  1. Open to residents of the US only.
  2. Leave a comment here - could it be any easier????You MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR ACTIVE BLOG ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT. Any comment that DOES NOT INCLUDE this information WILL BE DELETED. I have to have a way to contact you if you win!!!!
  3. If you blog this contest and leave a link in your comment so I can check it out, you will receive an extra entry to the contest.

Contest ends at midnight on August 24th and the winner will be announced on August 25th :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lady Killer

Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline ~~

Philadelphia attorney Mary DiNunzio, last seen in Killer Smile (2004), agrees to help her high school nemesis, Trish Gambone, at the start of this less than convincing thriller from bestseller Scottoline. Trish, whom Mary used to regard as the quintessential Mean Girl, has turned in desperation to the lawyer, the all-around Most Likely to Achieve Sainthood at St. Maria Goretti High School, because she wants to escape from her abusive, and possibly Mafia-connected boyfriend, Bobby Mancuso. Trish rejects Mary's practical suggestions for dealing with Bobby, but once Trish disappears, Mary finds herself under pressure from other high school classmates as well as people from her old neighborhood who blame her for not doing enough. Mary unwisely hides a connection with Bobby from the Feds, who then shut her out of the search for Trish when they learn of it. Scottoline fans will cheer Mary as she stumbles toward the solution, but others may have trouble suspending disbelief.

After several years, Lisa Scottoline finally brings back Mary DiNunzio and her friends at the law firm of Benny Rosato. And even though Mary still isn't 100% convinced of her skills as a lawyer, she has become somewhat of a rainmaker for her little firm, especailly with the help of all the people from her old neighboorhood. When an old high school nemesis turns up looking to Mary for help, all her childhood angst comes back to haunt her. Unfortunately Trish refuses to take any of Mary's advice, and she ends up missing. Now Trish's friends are on Mary's case to do something, and in order to ease her feelings of letting Trish down, Mary dives head first into finding out what happened. And in the process loses her job at Rosota and Associates. The book moves along at a fast pace, keeping the reader turning the pages. While I didn't love this book as much as the others, it was great to see Mary and friends back - and Mary once again fighting for what she believes in.

Book Giveaway - The Brass Verdict

It's time for a new giveaway :) This time I'm giving away an ARC of The Brass Verdict: A Novel by Michael Connelly

Now to get down to the business of THE RULES ~~

  1. Open to residents of the US only.

  2. Sign up with Mr. Linky AND leave a comment here. Winner will be chosen by your number on the Mr Linky list so make sure you sign up there as well as post a comment. You MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR ACTIVE BLOG ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT. Any comment that DOES NOT INCLUDE this information WILL BE DELETED. I hav to have a way to contact you if you win!!!!

  3. If you blog this contest and leave a link in your comment so I can check it out, you will receive an extra entry to the contest.

Contest ends Aug 21st and the winner will be announced on Aug 22nd :)

American Wife -- WINNER!

Congratulations to


My friendly Randomizer picked Katrina as the lucky winner of American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld! I hope you enjoy! Send me an email with your address and I'll get the book out to you a.s.a.p. (If I don't hear from Katrina by Thursday I will pick another winner.)
Thank you to everyone who signed up.Keep your eye out for another contest starting later today as well as more contests with more autographed books in the coming weeks!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Death by Cashmere

Izzy Chambers gives up her life as a lawyer in Boston in order to open the Seaside Knitting Studio in Sea Harbor, Mass., where she spent her childhood, in Goldenbaum's charming debut. An informal knitting group of eccentric characters forms around the shop, including Birdie Favazza, the oldest member at nearly 80, and Cass Halloran, the owner of 200 lobster traps who's devastated by a midnight theft. Cass's younger brother, Pete, pines for the gorgeous Angelina Archer, who's recently come to the Cape to research a local history project and rents the apartment above Izzy's store. When Angelina's body washes up in the cove, Izzy and her knitting group vow to discover who hated Angelina enough to want the woman dead. A knitting pattern for a scarf rounds out a cozy many will find an ideal beach read.

After leaving her high powered job as a lawyer in Boston, Izzy opens up her knitting shop in a sea side town in Massachusetts. It's the meeting place of Izzy, her Aunt Nell, and a group of very eccentric friends - who somehow form an amazing bond. When Izzy's upstairs tenant is murdered, they all work together to figure out who could have harmed this home town girl. I would have preffered if the author had Izzy have a more predominant role in the book, as the shop owner. Instead she leaves the running of her show to her manager, and spends more time hanging with her friends in the back room. This seemed more like an easy beach read than the cozies I've been reading lately, but was an enjoyable read. I'll definitely check out the next book in the series to find out what Izzy and her friends will be up to next.

Muttering About

I think....?

Month to month :: Day by day
Adjusted :: Fixed
Prank :: Caper
Mop :: Lucia
Clarity :: Diamond
Parenting :: Rearing
Glenn :: Forest
Fingerprint :: Evidence
Pineapple :: Tracey
Attorney :: Lawsuit

Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Bad Apple

Meg Corey has come to the quaint New England town of Granford, Massachusetts, to sell her mother’s old colonial home and apple orchard. Instead, she becomes embroiled in development plans that include her land—and her former flame from Boston. When he’s found dead in the new septic tank on her property, the police immediately suspect Meg, whose only ally in town is the plumber Seth Chapin. Together, they’ll have to peel back the layers of secrecy that surround the deal in order to find the real murderer— and save the orchard.

After Meg Corey breaks up with her boyfriend, and her job is downsized, she takes her mothers advice and leaves Boston. She heads out to western Mass to restore the old family home in hopes of selling it quickly. Unfortunately Meg has no clue what she's getting her self into. Both with small town living and the disaster that is her home. When her old flame shows up in hopes of getting Meg to help him win over the small town with his plans of expansion, she refuses to be used. And then he ends up dead in her brand new septic tank. For some reason Meg ends up the prime suspect :) Now Meg and Seth (her new plumber friend) must figure out who wanted Chandler dead and why they're trying to pin it on her. Small town charm comes to life in this new series as Meg starts to think that small town living just might work for her. There is a depth to the major characters that isn't normally found in some other cozies, or at least in the first in the series. She gives us a fresh "location" and deals with relevant issues of small town life - all while throwing a few twists and turns at you along the way. A light, enjoyable read. I'll be looking foward to reading the next in the series.

Mayhem in Miniature

Gerry's crafts are small-scale, but her to-do list is anything but. Add murder to that—with one of her students as a suspect—and you have one hectic holiday. Time to shrink this mystery down to size.

While waiting to pick up her granddaughter Maddie at the airport, Gerry gets a call from Dolores, an acquaintance of hers. Seems as if Dolores's grandmother has gone missing from the assisted living home where Gerry teaches crafts. And since Sofia is one of Gerry's students, Dolores feels she has no one else to turn to for help - especially since the police, at first, won't do anything about it. But when Sofia is found, covered in blood no one is sure what is going on. Especailly when the home's gardner turns up dead at another facility. What possible connection could Sofia have to this man and why would she want him dead? Of course Gerry can't help but get involved. And a few slashed tired and a stalker won't stop her. Enlisting the help of her detective nephew, her sister in law and her friend Linda (who happens to work at the home) to help uncover the secrets that Dolores seems to be hiding, she is determined to figure out who the killer is. The book is filled with tips and tricks for creating your own miniature pieces. My one problem with this book was that Gerry only had her granddaughter visiting her for a short time over the holidays, yet seemed to keep "pawning" her off on others while she went about her sleuthing. Othewise, an enjoyable second book in the series.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Shoots To Kill

Eight years ago, Abby Knight babysat for a problem teen named Elizabeth. Today, Elizabeth’s back, with a new name (Libby) and a whole new life (stolen)—namely, one that already belongs to Abby. Libby’s even trying to steal Abby’s boyfriend, Marco. But imitation really becomes the sincerest form of trouble when Abby finds herself the accused dupe in a bizarre murder plot.

What could possibly have Abby Knight in handcuffs in the back seat of a police car on her way to jail?? Why a case of mistaken identity of course! When Elizabeth Blume comes back to town she suddenly appears to take over Abby's life - buys the same car, cuts and colors her hair the same, changes Elizabeth to Libby and even opens up her own store that looks exactly like Bloomers. Oh wait - she even goes after Marco. At first no one believes Abby as to what Libby is up to and it causes her to lose something she has longed for. But when a murder occurs Abby will do whatever it takes to get others to see what Libby is really up to, at the same time trying to figure out who is responsible. No matter how much Abby tries to prove it was Libby who committed the murder there just isn't enough evidence. The story is filled with plenty of action and fun plot twists. Even though she's convinced Libby is the murderer can she prove it? Can she recover what was lost? Kate Collins writes a funny, charming character in Abby Knight - and continues to get better with each book.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Murder and Salutations

Jennifer Shane is stunned when she's named Businessperson of the Year, but she's even more shocked when, at the presentation ceremony, Chamber of Commerce President Eliza Glade, over-dressed, over-made-up, and over-the-top, is killed. Jen and her sister Sara Lynn were among her worst enemies, so they'll have to bend over backwards to clear their names. And an easy resolution is not in the cards.

After leaving her sisters scrapbooking store to go out on her own, Jennifer's card shoppe is finally holding it's own. She's even named Businessperson of the Year. However, she does not get to enjoy the honor, as just as she's announced the winner, the body of Eliza Glade is found dead in the kitchen. There weren't that many people in town that liked Eliza - and Jennifer's sister was one of them. Especailly after Eliza slept with Sara Lynn's husband. Of course Sara Lynn is now the prime suspect in the murder and Jennifer, with the help of her Aunt Lillian, must stop at nothing to find the killer and prove her sisters innocence. Although the mystery wasn't all that hard to figure out, the fun was in watching them get there. Despite a fairly big time line error, this was a very enjoyable read.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It Only Takes A Moment

Eliza Blake, host of the top-rated KEY News morning show, has witnessed tragedy and danger in her career. But nothing the accomplished professional has experienced has prepared her for when her seven-year-old daughter, Janie, is snatched from summer camp. The country's viewers are glued to their television sets, anxiously awaiting the news that their favorite morning-television personality's little girl has been found.
With each passing day, the FBI and local authorities track down every lead: A profile of the kidnapper's most likely characteristics is developed, every fan letter written to Eliza over the last six months is scrutinized, every sex offender registered within a fifty-mile radius is interviewed, and psychics from around the country appear on Eliza's doorstep offering their help.
But Eliza isn't going to sit around and wait for answers. She and the rest of the Sunrise Suspense Society—brilliant producer Annabelle Murphy, cameraman extraordinaire B.J. D'Elia, and psychiatrist Dr. Margo Gonzalez—will band together to outwit a cunning criminal whose shocking motives threaten to snuff out a terrified little girl's life.

Eliza Blake is the host of the morning news program Key To America. She seems to have it all - a great job, a beautiful daughter and a loving boyfriend (even if he is overseas!). Until one day when Eliza's housekeeper is forced to take Janie from summer camp by two masked kidnappers. Over the next five days we follow along as the police and FBI track down who took Janie. Getting help from her co-workers, no stone is left unturned. And Eliza now understands how it feels to be "on the other side of the camera" as every news station picks up the story of Janie's kidnapping. Along the way we're introduced to a an interesting cast of characters - those with their own stories to tell as well as their own "connections" to Eliza. The author does a fantastic job of throwing red herring after red herring at you, making you guess until the very end who took Janie - and the sick reason why they did it. The short chapters and fast paced action will have you reading this book in one sitting.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Judgement Day

New York Times best-selling author Sheldon Siegel returns with a dramatic new case for the San Francisco law firm of Daley and Fernandez. As husband and wife, Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez couldn't t make it work. Luckily for Bay Area criminals, they didn't let that stop them from joining forces to open San Francisco s most tenacious law firm. As defense attorneys willing to take on the biggest and trickiest cases, Daley and Fernandez make one hell of team. 'Judgment Day' finds the ex-spouses tackling their most compelling case yet. Called in at the last minute to try to stop the execution of Nathan Fineman, a former mob lawyer convicted of murdering three people in the backroom of the notorious Golden Dragon Restaurant, Mike and Rosie must race the clock in a desperate attempt to prove their client s innocence - an impossible task, given the wealth of forensic evidence pointing to his guilt. At the same time, Mike must battle his own personal demons when the reputation of his father - a San Francisco cop who was one of the first officers at the Golden Dragon on the night of the murders - is called into question. As the plot hurtles toward its stunning denouement, 'Judgment Day' is fast approaching not only for Nate Fineman, but for Mike s father and for the law firm of Daley and Fernandez as well.

This is the 6th book featuring Mike Daley and Rosie Renandez - law partners, divorced parents of two and lovers. With 8 days to go before the execution of noted defense attorney Nate Fineman, Mike and Rosie are hired to help stop the execution. And when Nate's "regular" lawyer drops dead of a heart attack, it is now up to them to get their client saved on their own. All of the regulars are back - including Mike's brother, PI Pete. This time though the case is more personal. Not only is their family threatened, but when they try to prove Nate was set up by a dirty cop, their father's reputation may be destroyed as he was one of the first on the scene. A virtual race to the wire proves another fantastic book in this series. Mike's fly by the seat of his pants courtroom questioning keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. . Will they be able to find the proof of a conspiracy they need in order to save their client? And at what cost to their family?? I love to see how these characters grow (both age wise and character wise) throughout the series. Mike and Rosie, although not the most prestigious lawyers in town, hold their own and continue to fight for the underdog - finding justice their own way.

Weeding Out Trouble

Landscaper Nina Quinn would do anything for her employees. After all, Taken by Surprise, her garden makeover business, wouldn't be blooming if it weren't for them. So when Kit Pipe, her right-hand handyman, goes missing, Nina immediately starts digging into his disappearance. But all she finds is Daisy Bedinghaus, Kit's ex—and she's dead as dirt.

An ex-con who'd been dumped by Daisy not long before her murder, Kit's the prime suspect. But Nina's determined to prove his innocence and nip this whole thing in the bud. After all, it'll get her out of her all-too-crowded house, where her ex-husband the cop is recovering from a gunshot wound on her couch and her thorny new stepson is giving her the evil eye. But as she comes closer to unearthing the truth, Nina will find that facing the frost in her home is nothing compared to confronting the real killer's ice-cold stare.

Will it ever be possible for Nina to mind her own business? Definitely not this time when it affects her friend Kit. When Kit's girlfriend Daisy is murdered, Kit goes missing. Everyone is convinced that Kit is guilty of the murder. Everyone except Nina and her band of merry friends. While constantly being warned to stay out of it, Nina refuses to let it go. Their mutual dislike for each other doesn't stop Nina and "Brickhouse" from working closely together on this one. Her friend and hairdresses Perry also lends hand to some hysterical scenes. Don't forget the flying turkeys and the rooster! Everything is not as it seems with some of those surrounding Nina, and she'll quickly find out just what they're really up to. Also, Nina comes to realize some things about her relationships with both Kevin and Bobby that helps all of them move on in a very satisfying way.

Muttering About

I say ... and you think ... ?

Crankiness :: Tiredness
Backpack :: Schoolwork
Clone :: Copy
High ground :: Up top
Dreams :: Aspirations
Lovingly :: Happily
Mistake :: Try again
Carson :: Johnny
Errand :: Favor
Dozen :: Donuts

Friday, August 1, 2008

Book Giveaway - American Wife

It's time for a new giveaway :) This time I'm giving away an ARC of American Wife: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfeld .

Now to get down to the business of THE RULES

  1. Open to residents of the US only.
  2. Leave a comment here - could it be any easier????
    You MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR ACTIVE BLOG ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT. Any comment that DOES NOT INCLUDE this information WILL BE DELETED. I have to have a way to contact you if you win!!!!
  3. If you blog this contest and leave a link in your comment so I can check it out, you will receive an extra entry to the contest.

Contest end Aug 10th and the winner will be announced on Aug 11th :)

Book Giveaway -- WINNER!



My friendly Randomizer picked Angie (Research Randomizer Results ~ Set #1: 150 ) as the lucky winner of The Host by Stephanie Meyer! I hope you enjoy! Send me an email with your address and I'll get the book out to you a.s.a.p. (If I don't hear from Angie by Tuesday I will pick another winner.) Thank you to everyone who signed up.

Keep your eye out for another contest starting later today as well as more contests with more autographed books in the coming weeks!!

Friday Fill Ins

1. If I could travel back in time, I'd go to to the Victorian Era to meet Sarah Brandt from the Victoria Thompson Gaslight Series.
2. Give me peace/happiness or (if I can't have that) give me an afternoon with my girls.
3. I am listening to Sirius.
4. Somewhere, someone is hopefully thinking something nice about me.
5. I'll always be spoiled :)
6. My idea of a good time includes being with good friends and/or family; relaxing with a good book.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to reading, tomorrow my plans include having lunch with some friends from PBS and book shopping at the New England Mobil Book Fair and Sunday, I want to read & relax.