Friday, May 6, 2011

Author Hop-Type Giveaway Poll

My good friend Jen over at Crazy-For-Books put this little bug in my ear and I thought I'd see if there was any interest.

I'm thinking about an Author Blog Hop.  Any author that would like to contribute a book(s) may. I would be honored and pleased to have you all!  Each book will be signed by the author and mailed to me. The titles of all of the books will be posted on my blog at the start of the hop.  All of  the blogs that are participating will post about the hop on their blog. I will have a sign-up linky before hand. Then each blog will post that linky on their blog. People can enter on EVERY blog that is hosting the hop. This way their chances are multiplied by the number of blogs they enter. At the end of the hop each host will choose one person and I'll have a form on my blog for them to enter the winner. Then I'll choose the one big winner from that list.  Just to be clear - each  blog will not be giving away a (hopefully) mega box of books, they'll just be hosting for a chance someone to win the box.

So I've created this form to fill out to see if there would be any interest in participating in this hop.  I hope you'll all want to join in!