Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guest Post/Virtual Tour ~ Sam Moffie

Attention Deficit Disorder isn’t all that bad, especially if it is “manageable”.

A few years ago, my editor said that I suffered from “manageable Attention Deficit Disorder”. Since she holds a degree in being a mind doctor and her husband is a leading child mind doctor; I thought I better pay attention.

At first, I wondered what this had to do with my plots, settings, characters, etc. I mean, isn’t that what my editor is supposed to be paying attention too? At least she could have beaten me up for minor grammar, misuse of the semi-colon or a host of other items. As if we authors need to be criticized about something else! While she was explaining to me why she thought I suffered from such a strangely sounding disease, I kept waiting for an NFL official to show up and throw the flag for 15 yards – piling on. Alas, after a few minutes, no official stopped by and I was forced to listen. Least I mention that after I was taken to the woodshed about my mental state she then had the backbone to start criticizing my plots, settings, themes and characters. What a phone call! Needless to say, later that night I was able to bitch and moan to my muse (it helped we both drank a few glasses of red wine during this frank discussion).

To my utter amazement, mu muse agreed… not with me, but my editor!

Two against one. What was I going to do?

Why use my “MADD” to my advantage. By the way, in owning 2 bars I embraced my “MADD” acronym, because the other MADD is always trying to shut me down!

Anyways, I now do a little rewriting, work out, clean the house, rewrite and then market. Take a break, rewrite, walk the dog, go to the bars to accomplish some things that help allow me to afford to write. Do errands, rewrite, market, answer emails, get yelled at by someone and then start all over again in the afternoon. At night I take a break.

And you know what? It works!

Getting things done in the business of writing novels in little spurts has been very successful for me. Maybe for you dear reader it is in one long bender.

The best part is that we are both right.

Excuse me, I have to go and do ___________________ (fill in blank).

About the author ~ 

The Book of Eli is Sam Moffie's fourth novel. The other three have won numerous awards and received glowing reviews. When not writing or marketing, he can be found observing human nature at his bars in Youngstown, Ohio. Forty-nine years of age, Sam resides with Juliette and a host of family members who enjoy a good fire, fine wine, backyard foosball, good movies and of course good books. When all else fails, there is always a walk with the dogs. 

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His latest book ~  
The Book of Eli 
Eli Canaan is a believer. And, like many, he believes himself to be a principled and moral man. Well, for the most part anyway. But, after a series of missteps, sins, some would say, Eli's life is suddenly and unexpectedly altered forever. A spurned wife, a gypsy, a hex and spiritual intervention may all be at the root of Eli's unexpected, deep and earnest introspection, which is like nothing he has experienced before -

in THIS world.

An uplifting story of hope and meaning and belief in the goodness that can come by opening one's eyes to he Heavens...

The Book of Eli is a well crafted, highly entertaining read. In his trademark acerbic, yet strangely engaging style, author Sam Moffie presents the reader with a compelling tale of the sense of adventure and fantasy.

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