Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Author Spotlight ~ W.S. Martin

Author W.S. Martin is posthumously touring the blogosphere this month on his first virtual tour thanks to his publisher, Nordskog Publishing, Inc. 

About the author ~ 

Not much is known about the author. Mr. W. Stanley Martin was a stationer and was partner in the City of London firm, Martin & Purnham.  He spent his last days in Felpham in Sussex, England and used to attend services at the Chapel of the Bannister, Theological College in Felpham.

You can visit the publisher online at www.NordskogPublishing.com to learn more about the Brave Boys of Derry or No Surrender!

The Book ~

Brave Boys of Derry or No Surrender!

The story of the 1689 siege of Londonderry proclaims the power of God in the incredible resistance of the City of Londonderry against the attempted Jacobite conquest of Ireland by the deposed King James II of England.  While the city leaders vacillated, thirteen bold and brave young apprentices took the initiative to close the city gates.  “No surrender!” became the rallying cry.  Faith in Christ gave the people of Derry the courage to resist in the face of extended siege, blockade, starvation, and disease.  Liberty lovers—young and old—should read this book.
"Inside the city all was stir and bustle; the action of the apprentice lads had been like a spark to a barrel of gunpowder. The whole city was up. The gauntlet had been thrown down, and it was now to be a fight." P. 15

"But one of the greatest dangers was that some of the inhabitants were in league with the enemy; there were traitors in the town; and you know a secret enemy within the gates is far more dangerous than an open enemy outside." P. 20

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It was now clear that the city was not to be taken by assault.  Other means must be tried.

It was not only the enemy outside the walls that the brave defenders had to contend with; remorseless foes, in the shape of hunger and fever, came to the aid of the Irish, and it was now evident that the besieged would have to be starved out of their position.  The most extraordinary means were adopted to prevent any food being taken into the town.

Brave Boys of Derry, or No Surrender! was written around 1900, and according to Marion Hyde, Librarian of The Gospel Standard Baptist Library who have an undated original, was first published by Morgan Scott, London.

Other works by W. Stanley Martin ~ Editor of "Uncle Ben's Budget," 226 issues from March 1898 through Dec. 1916; and Author of "The Story of the Light That Never Went Out" with Augusta Cook; and "Some Famous Bonfires"; "Turn or Burn"; "Fireships, Fireworks, and Firebrands"; "The Man Who Fought the Giants" [Luther]; "Torchbearers of France and the Netherlands"; "William the Silent and Holland's Fight for Freedom," 1907; "The Tinker of Bedford and the Book that He Wrote" [Bunyan]; etc.