Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Blog I Found - FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!

It's all about the food!

Just wanted to introduce you all to this fun blog I just stumbled on.  Here's a little something about the author of the blog ~ 

I'm a twenty something chefwife married to a twenty something chef. I set up this blog as a place for wives, girlfriends, significant others, and anyone else stuck to a chef to come together and chirp to each other about how to deal with the nonsense that goes along with being the wife of a chef. I was struggling to live with a ghost of a husband who I never saw.I met two other chef wives that literally saved me. It was with that, that I realized there must be more who need love and support too, right? -Hilary Battes, First Lady Desperate Chefs'Wives

Check out this great definition Hilary has come up with for a Chef's Wife

ChefWife, The Simple Definition

chef wife- (noun) a woman in a relationship with- although not necessarily married to- a chef. Usually has two careers, her own and of course that of her chef. Understands terms such as: “doubles”, “PX”, “covers”, and “purveyors”. Doesn’t understand but deals with concepts like: dinner at 2am, chefs that smell like onions and fish, Christmas (and every other holiday alone), callused hands, and mac and cheese dinners at home, and the always prevalent conceited attitude. After all, aren’t they kind of a big deal?

Make sure to stop by and say hello!

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