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Justice in June by Barbara Levenson

Justice in June

Justice in June by Barbara Levenson

Miami in June: it's raining, it's pouring, but the life of criminal defense attorney Mary Magruder Katz is anything but boring-especially when she gets caught up in a whirlwind of three different cases. Judge Liz Maxwell's job, sanity, and reputation are at stake, and she needs Mary to ferret out wrongdoing in Miami's courts. Solving this case won't just mean going out on a limb; it will mean risking life and limb. Luis Corona, a family friend of Mary's boyfriend, Carlos, needs help with a legal matter that, to Mary's horror, turns out to be a terrorism charge. And this case will leave some catastrophic damage-and unwelcome notoriety-in its wake. Just when Mary thought things couldn't get worse, Carlos gets in his own nasty legal quandary-one that could cost him everything. Three cases. One Mary. One torrential downpour of turmoil. Can she weather the storm? Ride out the cold front that settles over her once-hot romance? Salvage what remains of her-and her clients'-reputations? For Mary Magruder Katz, this month's forecast calls for trouble. (From Amazon)

After making a name for herself when she successfully defended socialite Lillian Yarmouth (see Fatal February), Mary Magruder Katz’s solo practice is booming.  Not only does she have two high profile cases to win,  she also has a case to litigate for her boyfriend Carlos.
Judge Liz Maxwell presides over the criminal cases in Miami.  But now she's the one finding herself needing an attorney when she learns she is the subject of an intense investigation by the DA’s office. It appears that she is giving leaner sentences than she should be, and in some instances outright dismissing drug cases. The DA’s office firmly believes that Liz is working for the drug lords and is set on removing her from the bench.  Liz hires Mary to not only save her job, but more importantly to prove her innocence.  When Mary starts investigating the cases the DA feels Liz handed down inappropriate sentences or dismissals, something just does not add up. When she starts piecing the pieces together, she does not like what she’s seeing.  Along with Liz’s help and that of another old fiance, Mary sets a plan in motion that could not only get her disbarred, but also killed.
Luis Corona is the Argentine son of good friends of Carlo’s parents. He has come to America to buy a boutique for his family.  Carlos calls Mary and asks her to go down to the Miami-Dade jail. It appears that Luis has been arrested, but that he has NO idea what for, which leaves Mary with no clue as to what she’s about to get involved in.  At first, Mary is not allowed to see her client, but after sweet talking one of the guards, she is allowed to see Luis for just a few short minutes before the Feds (FBI? CIA? Homeland Security?) come in and whisk him away to an undisclosed location because he is considered to be a terrorist (he’s arrested during the flight from Argentina to Miami).  Now Mary is faced with losing clients (who wants a lawyer to represent them who also represents terrorists) while trying to find out just where Luis is.  She begins to use Carlos’s family connections and through a tip locates Luis. Mary begins her fight against the government to have Luis brought to court to find out  exactly what the charges are. Can Mary get this done before Luis is permanently removed from the States to parts unknown?
Not only does Mary have these two high profile cases to deal with, she’s also handling a lawsuit for Carlos. It seems as if there are some unhappy buyers for one of his new developments and they have filed a class action lawsuit against him to recoup their deposits and get out of the sale. Can Mary get him out of this jam or will he lose everything that he has worked so hard for? Including Mary?
And if all of this isn't enough, Mary’s mother decides now is the perfect time for her and Mary's father to meet Carlos’s parents, setting up an dinner party that is sure to send Mary right over the edge. Especially since things haven’t been 100% perfect between her and Carlos lately.
The fate of all three people lies in Mary’s hands. Can she do this on her own or as a one woman shop is she spreading herself too thin? Can she “save” them all, or will one of them suffer because she has focused too much of her time an energy on the others? And can Mary get over her fear of commitment and finally settle down with Carlos?  Justice in June has it all – murder, courtroom drama, and just enough romance to keep it sizzling, yet not to sappy that it takes away from what’s really going on.  Full of twists and turns, Justice in June will keep you reading well past your bedtime. The action is fast paced and will have you turning the pages almost before you've finished the one you are on. Mary is a tough, dedicated, highly experienced lawyer.  If I should ever get in trouble, I would want her sitting next to me at the defense table. I can’t wait for the next installment in Mary’s fight for justice of the clients she represents. And of course, to see what happens next for her and her hottie Carlos!

FTC Full Disclosure ~ The publisher sent me this book in hopes I would review it.


Dru said...

I've been waiting for this book from Barbara.

Becky LeJeune said...

I've got this one in my review stack. I really enjoyed her first book in the series and can't wait to get to this one.