Monday, November 2, 2009

Zamora's Ultimate Challenge ~ Check out how to get a free copy!

Zamora's Ultimate Challenge by M.K. Scott

Mason and Carter Clover only agree on two things--their baby sister Isabella is a royal pain and their favorite video game, Zamora s Ultimate Challenge, is totally awesome. But fantasy turns to reality when Zamora s evil face appears across the brothers television screen. Claiming to have kidnapped Isabella, the queen challenges the boys to a daring rescue before she takes over their sister's soul. Zamora s plan is to use the baby as a human vessel to travel to Earth and dominate the world. Once the brothers figure out how to get inside the video game, they are hurled into the magical land of Boysen where they meet their helpful guides: a sage, a quirky mermaid, and a Pegasus (who flies them to each thrilling level of the video game). Racing against time, the brothers search for their sister, encountering a myriad of dangerous enemies including stinging fairies, haunted Master Souls, and brutish, knife-wielding pirates. Can they beat each level of the game while being hunted by a fire-breathing dragon, stalked by a robotic shark, and terrorized by acid-poop-bombing pterodactyls? Driven by the powerful bonds that unite siblings, Mason and Carter are determined to face their fears and will stop at nothing to bring Isabella home...but first they must survive Zamora s Ultimate Challenge!

Review from bookingmama ~

Ms. Scott did a fantastic job telling this story. I thought her characters, their voices, and even the ultimate messages in this story was wonderful. What also stood out to me were her descriptions of the various characters and their environments. I had no problem picturing everything in this book perfectly! In fact, the writing was so vivid that I could picture ZAMORA'S ULTIMATE CHALLENGE in my mind (kind of like a movie.) Which brings me to the next thing: this book would make a terrific kids' movie and I would love to see it adapted for film.

I didn't want this book to end. I'm happy to say that I felt as if the author deliberately left a few openings for a sequel or perhaps even a series based on these characters. I know I'm not alone in hoping that there will be more ZAMORA books in the near future!

I can't wait to share ZAMORA'S ULTIMATE CHALLENGE with Booking Daughter. I think she is just about the perfect age (9 1/2 years old) to read this story and truly enjoy it. After I finished the book, I just had to tell her a little about the story. Her eyes got real wide and she gave me a huge grin and said, "That sounds like a book that I'd love!" I totally agree with her. In fact, one of the best things about ZAMORA'S ULTIMATE CHALLENGE is that it is definitely one of those books that kids will love to read. I have a feeling that even the most reluctant middle grade readers will just treasure this story.(Partial review taken from Amazon)

Check out Amazon for other great reviews of Zamora's Ultimate Challenge.

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